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NRT Launches Vicious Attack Against Extreme Left

The left has been getting pretty bad, but I had no idea that things were so bad that even their own cheerleaders are starting to see where they are heading.

This is what happens when you pursue a conscious strategy of whipping up hate and pandering to extremists to radicalise the party base for the election, when you create an environment where extremism is the norm: some of the loonies take the rhetoric seriously and act on it. In the US, this has led to actual terrorism and hundreds of deaths;

Not sure how many Bush supporters have died because of the hatred towards him and his policies, or whether blood was actually shed in the acrimonious battle between Obama and Hillary.

He’s right though – here in New Zealand, we’ve had Tim Selwin (known Bush hater) actually put an axe through the PM’s window. No idea who performed this latest stunt, but it’s fair to say that most blogs on the left need to take a good hard look at themselves, and the hatred they routinely propagate.

NRT would do well to examine his own blog, as I’ve regularly seen posts that are promoting class warfare, false accusations of racism, legalizing child murder, anti-Americanism and constant

When Three News’ Duncan Garner pointed out that this would mean that the public wouldn’t be able to do anything about it and asked whether this too was National party policy, Key turned to his DPS bodyguard and said “Arrest that man!”


According to The Standard, the National Party has offered $10,000 for the identity of the person who exposed their secret agenda. So, one of our largest political parties is now behaving like the mafia and putting prices on people’s heads. Nice…


…on this issue they have returned to the good old 90’s policy of beating up on the poor. Solo mothers on the DPB (who according to Key are “breeding for a business”) will be forced into work at the expense of their kids, the long-term unemployed will be forced to reapply (presumably in the hope that some will forget) and face the ongoing threat of having their benefits cut off, and those malingerers on the sickness and invalids benefits will be work-tested. Dying of cancer? On a waiting list for medical care? Not good enough, sorry. I guess they must be going for the nasty vote.


They want a disproportional electoral system precisely because it excludes other voices from power, returns politics to a cozy oligarchy favouring their party of rich dead white males, and increases the chances of winning absolute power (and thus being able to ram through a policy program without having to go through the tiresome business of seeking consensus for it). This is a deeply anti-democratic agenda, and one all New Zealanders should oppose.


In other words, they’re not interested in making this work; instead, its simply about stigmatising and punishing society’s most vulnerable members for electoral advantage – just as Don Brash did to Maori in 2005.


From its energy policy [PDF] released today, National clearly favours the brown path. The focus is very much on scaring people over security of supply in order to justify gutting the RMA and removing the ban on new thermal generation. It is a policy written for large business interests – those who sell gas, such as Shell and Todd Energy, who want a continuing market, and those who want cheap power, such as Rio-Tinto. Neither gives a damn about the ongoing environmental effects of their activities.


Colour me disgusted.

Free to Annoy

Well, New South Welshmen can now annoy Catholics again.

That means they can bail up complete strangers and abuse them about positoins that they believe come directly from God, like chasity.*

They can have condoms shoved into their faces by people who can’t conceive that other people actually intend to keep their marriage bed pure and believe that everyone has the same (lack of moral standards that they do.

Personally, when I was waiting to get married the only thing stopping me from going against my beliefs that God wanted me to keep myself for my future wife was some idiot throwing a condom in my direction.

Lucky for me, that never happened.

One can only hope that they stick to the condoms and save the excrement for popular UK Prime Ministers.

*I know there’s a bunch of other stuff they want to preach on, but that seems to be the one they’re really obsessing most about.

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