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Racism is (now) showing someone who has a race

When people talk about PC thinking destroying the world, they’re talking about things like this.

In an unusual move, Bank of Canada Governor has Mark Carney apologised for bank note changes that prompted critics to accuse the central bank of racism.

The initial design for the new C$100 note featured a picture of an Asian woman but this was scrapped after focus groups expressed concern Asians should not be the only ethnic group represented.

When the bill was released into circulation last year, the Asian woman had been removed and replaced by a woman who looked to be Caucasian, prompting complaints from Chinese groups and media commentators.

In the bank’s first formal apology in nearly a decade, Carney said the Bank had never intended bank notes to feature people who represented only one ethnic group.

“I apologise to those who were offended. The Bank’s handling of this issue did not meet the standards Canadians justifiably expect of us,” he said in a statement.

If that’s not evidence that PC thinking is screwing up people’s brains, I don’t know what is.

Also, in other idiotic news

A family ordered to leave their late mother’s state house says government agencies paid her benefit and collected her rent for four months after she died.

Northland man Raymond Dunn said his mother Rina Dunn’s Work and Income benefit ceased only weeks ago.

The family is still occupying the Whangarei house in defiance of a chain of eviction notices served by Housing New Zealand since Mrs Dunn died on March 21.

Until two weeks before the last deadline of August 13, the rent was being paid from Mrs Dunn’s benefit, which Work and Income had not cut off, Mr Dunn said.

He was disgusted that the Government could pay as well as take his late mother’s benefit for that length of time, he said.

Get that? He’s disgusted that he received money he was not entitled to, and probably broke the law to receive. It’s illegal to not inform WINZ of a change of circumstances, yet here is an entire family having a go at the authorities for paying it (I think, honestly it’s hard to know really).

Quite how they could be disgusted that the government took money for rent is beyond me. It’s not like they had moved out – quite the opposite, they’re refusing.

I note that they were kicked out today. No word on whether the police will investigate the government for failing to act on not being given information, or failing to stop charging rent for a house that was being lived in.

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