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Oops, forgot to pack enough fake ballots

Well, it looks like the Zimbabwe recount survived attempts to monkey it.

Ms Frazer’s comments came a day after the electoral commission announced Mr Mugabe’s Zanu-PF had failed to regain its parliamentary majority after a partial recount of votes.

The results were unchanged in 18 of 23 seats where recounts had taken place, it said.


Not so good is that Zimbabwe is falling off the radar. This story wasn’t even top African story on the BBC and I couldn’t see anything about Zimbabwe on the front page.

Let’s hope the good news continues though. It’s time this tin pot dictator was shown the door with a swift kick up the arse.

Age Discrimination

Picked up a magazine (North and South I think) in a waiting room today, and it had an article about tradesmen, and how much they were raking it in.

There is apparently no unemployed tradesmen, not matter how old.

Then I read this item on the BBC.


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