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Olympic Torch in Australia

From what I’ve seen on the news, the Olympic torch passed peacefully through Canberra.

10,000 Chinese turned up to oppose any pro-Tibetan independence protests. I’ve heard they were students.

Well, 10,000 students’ just don’t wake up one day and decide to do something like that. There has to be organization, and it would appear that that organization was directed from the Chinese government.

I haven’t said much on Tibet, mainly because those protesting for independence are actually advocating a return to a past that is not much better (actually quite possibly much worse) than what is there now.

But it’s interesting to say the least that the Chinese have the ability to organize something like this. Actually, it’s just a little disquieting.

Olympic Torch in Tiananmen Square

Am I the only person who thinks the Chinese didn’t get the irony of this.

The very first thing they did upon the Olympic torch landing, was to take it to the most well known site of a government crackdown on human rights.

Nice one!

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