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China Didn’t Play Nice with Everyone

While most of us were enjoying the Olympics, this poor fellow was enjoying China’s famed hospitality from a different angle.

NEW YORK—When Jeffrey Rae, a 28-year-old East Village resident and communications worker for local labor unions was approached by Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) to go to China during the Olympics to document a series of planned protests, he agreed. Little did he know that he was about to get a first-hand look at the intolerance of China’s security forces when dealing with public protests.

Rae agreed to go to China even though he had not been involved in previous Tibetan activities. “To be honest, I really didn’t know much about Tibet,” said Rae. But he agreed to go, he said, “Mainly because I’m very concerned with freedom of the press, and from what they told me, no one was going to cover them because it’s too dangerous.”

“When we got to the corner of the main street, there were about 40 police officers waiting for us, and a bunch of people with video and still cameras … Later I was told by someone in the detention center that we were on CCTV,” said Rae. The police apprehended the three men—Rae, Tom Grant, and James Powderly—and demanded their passports and cell phones.

Apprehended and Interrogated

They were taken to a nearby hotel and interrogated separately in basement conference rooms. After a 20-minute interrogation, they were then transported to another hotel at about 2:00 a.m. They were then subjected to a 22-hour interrogation until the following night at about midnight.

Rae described his main interrogator as a male police officer in his 30s with bad teeth and a mean streak. He shouted into Rae’s face in Chinese; his questions were then translated into English for Rae.

“They wanted every detail of every day I had been in China” … They wanted to know who I had sent photos to,” and mostly they wanted the passwords to Rae’s cell phone and laptop, which he had locked with password protection.

“The fact that we were creating content pictures or video and then distributing that content—that to them was a far worse crime then anybody who had dropped a banner or held a sign.”

Rae refused to give the police the passwords, which made them very angry. One interrogator stood menacingly in front of Rae with a steel bar in his hand. He also hit him on the shoulder with an open hand. “I don’t want to exaggerate what happened,” said Rae, “but after having been awake so long, it’s difficult to get hit like that.”

At one point, Rae asked his interrogator what was going to happen to him. “We’re not sure if we want to slit your throat or shoot you,” was the answer he was given.

Read the whole thing and pass it on. Believe me, it gets worse.

Fake Gymnastic Competitors

There’s a minimum age for competitors in Gymnastics of 16. This is intended to prevent children from being pushed into competition before they have matured properly.

However, younger competitors are usually more flexible and have an advantage.

The ABC looks at how China’s team are rather young looking 16 year olds. It looks like because the government is part of the conspiracy, nothing can be done.

Anything to boost the national image, even tarnishing that same image through cheating apparently, not to mention lip syncing, and fake church services.


Olympic Torch in Australia

From what I’ve seen on the news, the Olympic torch passed peacefully through Canberra.

10,000 Chinese turned up to oppose any pro-Tibetan independence protests. I’ve heard they were students.

Well, 10,000 students’ just don’t wake up one day and decide to do something like that. There has to be organization, and it would appear that that organization was directed from the Chinese government.

I haven’t said much on Tibet, mainly because those protesting for independence are actually advocating a return to a past that is not much better (actually quite possibly much worse) than what is there now.

But it’s interesting to say the least that the Chinese have the ability to organize something like this. Actually, it’s just a little disquieting.

China’s Olympic Lie Part 1, 2 and 3


I just had to post these videos, and now that scrubone is blogging again… Should NZ athletes attend the Beijing Olympics? Why would any democratic country want to if they saw these videos? Then again with the EFB right in our face at the mo, we are not exactly a great example of a democratic country ourselves, thanks to Aunty Helen and her unruly brood! At least we know that when we watch the Olympics (if we bother watching it) it wont be the real Beijing that we see. The real Beijing will be hidden from view ordinary citizens who dared complain against the government will be locked away, so that all we will get to see is a fake Beijing, pretending that the Olympics is a roaring success in a happy and prosperous city. I pray NZ never becomes that corrupt.

Music Vid for 2008 Olympics titled: Hero

Chinese singer You Hongming was at Beijing Forestry University Gymnasium in Beijing Wednesday to shoot the music video for the Olympic Song “Hero.””Hero” tells the moving story of the Tanzanian runner John Steven Akhwari,who finished in last place at the 1968 Olympic Marathon. During the race, Akhwari fell, dislocating a knee joint, but he continued running and never quit. This hero will also be participating in the music video for “Hero.”

You can read more about this story and other exciting Olympic news at the Official 2008 Olympic website 🙂

List of People To Be Barred From Attending Olympic Games

This from ChinaAid:

In early April of 2007, the Ministry of Public Security secretly issued to public security departments throughout the country a document entitled “Notice on Strict Background Check on Applicants for the Olympic Games and the Test Events.” This is the origin of the “43-type & 11-category” blacklist.

The 11 categories are…divided into 43 types of people:

Category One: Antagonistic elements
1. Overseas anti-China forces and members of antagonistic organizations.

2. Key figures in ideological disputes.

3. Active participants in illegal prenatal sex identification procedures for non-medical purposes and frequent traffic violators in running red lights and J-walking.

4. Antagonistic elements inside China .

5. Family members of people injured, disabled and killed in unrest and riots who currently still pose a threat.

6. People who have once been sentenced to criminal penalty on conviction of counter-revolutionary activities or other crimes of endangering the security of the state, their immediate family members and people having close contact with them.

7. People who have fled overseas and people they have close contact with.

Category Two: Adherents of Falun Gong, other cult organizations and members of harmful Qigong organizations

1. Adherents of Falun Gong and other cult organizations and people who have once practiced Falun Gong and its derivative breathing exercises.

2. Members from 14 categories of organizations confirmed by the relevant authorities of the state as a cult in the disguise of a religion and members from seven categories of their derivative organizations.

3. Members from 14 categories of Qigong organizations confirmed by the relevant authorities of the state as harmful.

Category Three: Religious extremists and religious infiltrators
1. Members of illegal religious organizations both in China and abroad.

2. Members who have been caught by the Chinese authorities for engaging in illegal religious activities.

3. People who have given illegal sermons.

4. People who illegally distribute religious publications and video/audio materials.

5. People who have illegally established both in China and abroad religious organizations, institutions, schools, sermon sites and other religious entities.

Category Four: Secessionists of ethnic minorities
1. The “three forces” of Xinjiang and their contacts both in China and abroad.

2. Members of Dalai Lama’s exile government and its affiliates.

3. People who have participated in parades, demonstrations and protests for ethnic secessions.

4. Members who have provided funds for ethnic secessionist organizations or activities both in China and abroad.

Category Five: Media employees who can harm the Olympic Games
1. Employees of overseas media working for institutions and organizations hostile to China .

2. Media employees who persist on a long-term basis in their anti-Party attitudes and maliciously vilify the Party and the government.

Category Six: Non-government organizations engaging in activities that pose a threat to the Olympic Games
1. Non-government organizations outside China who have connections with overseas governments and who engage in infiltration, subversion and sabotage against our Party and government.

2. Members of all types of non-government organizations who pose a potential threat to the Beijing Olympic Games.

Category Seven: Dangerous elements, key petitioners and other people who harbor serious grievances against the Party
1. People who harbor serious grievances against our Party and government.

2. People who have repeatedly filed frivolous lawsuits and petitions.

3. People who have complained against China to the foreigners and who collude with overseas forces.

Category Eight: People for whom the judicial authorities have filed a case for investigation or have adopted forced criminal or administrative measures.
1. People for whom the Public Security agencies have filed a case for investigation.

2. People whose residences are under surveillance and who are pending trial on a bail.

3. People who have been detained or arrested on suspicion of crimes and who have been released with the suspicion not fully lifted.

4. All types of people who are on the run from the law or who have escaped from the crime or justice.

5. People who have been listed as wanted and investigated by the authorities or whose name has been circulated for general attention.

6. Criminal suspects to whom border exit restrictions have been applied.

Category Nine: Criminals under surveillance, on probation, parole, medical parole or criminals deprived of their political rights or serving their sentence outside the prison, and people placed in the programs of reformation through labor or serving their sentence outside the reformation centers.
1. Criminals who have been sentenced to surveillance and who have been deprived of their political rights and who are on probation.

2. Criminals sentenced to parole, or serving sentence outside the prison but still under surveillance or criminals detained outside the prison.

3. People sentenced to serving their time outside the reformation-through-labor centers.

4. People allowed to seek medical treatment outside the detention and reformation center or people allowed to go out on leave.

Category Ten: Violent terrorists
1. Members of terrorist organizations.

2. People who provide support and assistance to terrorist organizations and their members.

3. Relatives of members of terrorist organizations or people who have close contact with members of terrorist organizations.

Category Eleven: Members of illegal organizations
1. Members of political organizations not legally registered.

2. People engaging in activities in the name of an organization that is not legally registered.

3. People from illegal organizations who use the Internet to establish ties with each other and who whip up discontent against the Party.

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