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The great unveiling of me, myself, and ilovemrstiggywinkle

I have decided unanimously (my brain is a complex thing) to blog about “other” stuff instead of the silly things I have been posting so far. If you have read my blogs you will agree, it has all been too much of a time waster. So I had a bit of a clean out and a think while doing so about what really matters to me, and if I carry on like this I’ll start raving so I’ll shut up soon.

I guess I will be a little bit more serious than what I have been, but as always not too serious (depending on the topic of course).

NB: My “Ode To Dear Mrs Tiggy-Winkle” is a very serious matter, as is music. I have found some cool tunes on the net as you may have already discovered. If not, have a look. You can never have too much music in your life. 🙂

Also, I seriously do prefer Bill English as Leader of the Nats. But I plan not to push that one any longer. It just seems pointless. And if there is not much point to why you are doing something, then why do it? That’s what I’ve decided anyway.

So, I’m still here, somewhere…

…yep still here 🙂

Don’t Bring Back Bill

The thing that very few people in Labour get is this: Don Brash is liked because he doesn’t act like a politician.

He speaks openly and honestly. He admits mistakes.

He’s not afraid to be controversial yet reasonable.

This is not to say he’s totally honest, or admits all his mistakes or doesn’t sometimes court controversy unnecessarily. But he tries – and people see that.

Bill English did too, but he never quite pulled it off the way Don does.

But I mean, would Helen do this?

(Title is wind-up for ILMTW :))

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