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How Labour Answers Questions – Secrets Revealed (not)

The Greens have a good post on how Labour answers questions in the house.

A while ago the Greens got a leaked copy of Labour’s strategy for answering oral questions in the house.  The funny thing is that, after having watched a few question times, you don’t really need a copy to work out what Labour is going to answer to any given question.  Yesterday when Jeanette was helping Russel with a practice run through of his primary question to the Minister of Transport she gave, off the top of her head, an almost word for word replica of the answer the Minister gave to Russel’s question.

[clip latest anti-National attack line] Labour minister stands up either faux outraged or in faux hysterics at the the stupidity of that member and manages to fit most of these things into his or her response:

  • Attack National for hidden agenda
  • Talk about how bad things were in the 1990s and how most problems today stem from that
  • Comment on the questioner’s intelligence or physical appearance
  • Shake with outrage at having one’s authority questioned (Some minsters can pull of this act better than others)
  • Change the topic
  • Insult Gerry Brownlee
  • Await a patsy from the back benches where you get to laugh at something stupid a National Party MP said at some point in their history.
  • Try a little bit more outraged shaking.

The only question is why it took the Greens so long to work it out – this list has been blazingly clear to every other member of the pubic for at least 7 years. In fact, the “90’s” references were dropped about 2 years ago when Labour realised that blaming the previous government didn’t wash after 7 years in power.


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