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“Blog Later” Clean-Out

Time to cleanout the “Blog Later” pile.

That’s stuff I bookmark but never get to.

NewsBusters pointed out that the “Loose Change” movie got one of the draft-dodger producers in trouble. (NB is having trouble with their domain at present)

Stuff Obama has deleted from his site.

A “banned” video interview with Bush. Frankly, I think it’s the other way around – he comes out of a tough (rude would be a better word) interview unscathed.

Love this Wikipedia “State Atheism” article. Such nice people!

BBC – “No consensus on IPCC’s level of ignorance” by John Christy.

After introducing myself, I sat in silence as their discussion continued, which boiled down to this: “We must write this report so strongly that it will convince the US to sign the Kyoto Protocol.”

Politics, at least for a few of the Lead Authors, was very much part and parcel of the process.

Some article on electric cars.

Ah, wondered where this went – “The challenges of reporting in China“.

People like Xie Huai from Zhengzhou e-mailed the site saying: “I often find that stories about China diverge from the truth. Why?”

The answer to the question lies in the word “truth”. Only now are many Chinese getting the chance to debate the “truth” of foreign media publications (and only those not in Chinese) because only now are they getting a point of view on some important topics at odds with the one provided by the state-controlled media.

One man crimewave. Hm, imagine the savings if he were locked up.

Islamists in the Courtroom

The Council on American-Islamic Relations began a burst of litigiousness in 2003 and announced ambitious fundraising goals for this effort. But the collapse of three lawsuits, in particular the one against Andrew Whitehead of Anti-CAIR, seems by April 2006 to have prompted a reconsideration. Frustrated in the courtroom, one CAIR staffer consoled himself that “education is superior to litigation.”

Myths and Realities of the Bush Presidency.

An observation from Instapundit.


Because that might help Bush.


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