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Idiotic Prosecutions

If ever there would be a list of idiotic prosecutions compiled in this country, this case would be right up there.

A Taranaki man accused of shooting at a boy racer doing donuts in the street outside his house has been found not guilty.

Police claimed Stanley Milne fired two bullets from a 22 calibre rifle at the boy racer’s car, hitting the boot and brake light.

But the defence said Milne does not have that sort of gun and only fired a slug gun to scare the boys away.

The Herald has more details.

Mr Wilson, now aged 20, admitted he had gone to the street to do doughnuts and slides about 3am after a drinking session and had heard a couple of loud bangs as he performed a doughnut at the end of the road near Milne’s house.

He told the court he thought it was large rocks hitting the tyre well, but the next day found a hole in the left back brake light and used tweezers to recover a .22 bullet.

The following day he found a ragged hole in the number plate and discovered a second .22 bullet in the boot, he said.

However, Milne’s defence counsel Susan Hughes, QC, said the teenager had been the one who fired the .22 shots into his own car, keeping the bullets inside his car so he could brag to his mates.

So a boy racer was drinking and driving, disturbing people at 3am with illegal and anti-social behavior.

Now, the man was on record as threatening another boy racer. But in this case, he apparently didn’t even own a gun of the type that hit the car.

But, when you consider that the bullets conveniently didn’t even touch the precious paintwork, hitting a perfectly replaceable brake light and making a really cool “ragged hole” in his numberplate….

The police put so much time and effort into prosecuting the public who (wrongly I should add) take matters into their own hands when the police do not respond to lawlessness. The public are sick of it, and the police reaction in this case shows once again that they have a completely misplaced focus.

This one was never going to get past the jury. They should have just saved their money.

I saw this case two nights ago and predicted this result to my wife. HT to NZ Conservative for pointing out the result.

Update: I see the Milne’s are now claiming that the same car has been turning up at the same time at his house for about a year an a half. If true, that does tend to lend credence to the theory that this was an attempted framing.

After the verdict yesterday, Mr Milne’s wife Heather said for a year-and-a-half Mr Wilson’s car would arrive between 1am and 3am.

“We knew it was the same car all the time. We knew it was the same driver by the way it was driven.”

Several times their miniature horses were injured when they were spooked by the noise and crashed through fences, she said.

So this wasn’t just an inconvenience or even annoyance – it was actually resulting in the injuring of their livestock.


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