The union says it, Idiot believes it, that settles it

Idiot really hates the idea of charter schools. Destiny Church. They’ve announced plans to move their existing private school to South Auckland and re-establish it as a charter school in order to receive public funding. LOL. No, they have not. What Idiot’s own source says: Destiny Church could receive money from the public purse if… Continue reading The union says it, Idiot believes it, that settles it

Hey Brian, Christianity is *that* way

Brian Tamaki keeps moving towards becoming a full fledged cult. In the sermons, Bishop Tamaki said he had been preparing his followers for a year to receive the revelation God gave him about the resurrection, so they could “understand what the Bible is really saying”. He told the congregation they would doubt his teaching, unless… Continue reading Hey Brian, Christianity is *that* way

Empty words from an empty columnist

Sheesh, Rudman’s column today is so full of nonsense it’s hard to know where to start. Don’t you wish Bishop Tamaki and John Campbell would stop all their highly public flirting and just meet up? Well, it’s hardly like John’s been avoiding Tamaki- it’s Tamaki who’s hiding from his most strident critic. In fact, John’s… Continue reading Empty words from an empty columnist