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If the facts don’t support your arguement, make some up

Steve Pierson at The Standard:

A 12 year old Maori child acts as look out for some older kids in a robbery that goes wrong. That kid, Bailey Kurariki, despite not having even hurt, let alone killed, anyone is sentenced to seven years and labelled our youngest killer by the moron media, who hound him on his release. His life is destroyed before it began.

Despite knowingly participating in an armed robbery?

Sorry, any comparison of these two cases is outright bizarre. Yet we keep hearing them.

A man chases a boy 300m with a knife and stabs him to death. Bruce Emery gets 4 years (out in 2) and sympathy from the media. He’s always spoken of in the media in glowing terms: ‘businessman’, ‘family man’, ‘good Christian’, ‘father’, while his victim is simply labelled ‘tagger’. In two years, he’ll be released to a hero’s welcome – he’ll even keep his businesses and two houses because people are donating money to him.

So the “glowing terms” include…

  • ‘businessman’, – simple factual statement
  • ‘family man’, – again, factual, as he was at home with his family when the tagging occurred
  • ‘good Christian’, – hm, hadn’t hear that one before?
  • ‘father’ – factual

So we have 34 terms used. 3 are without any question bland statements of the facts.

The other?

Steve made it up. Google has two (!) references for “Bruce Emery” “good Christian” and the first is from Tane’s own post. Google news returns nothing at all.

Revealing, no?

Update: MacDoctor in comments points out that the media have identified that this fellow is a church-goer. But again, that is a bland fact, not any sort of value judgement.

What Steve describes as “glowing terms” is simply the way this man was leading his life. And describing the young man as a “tagger” describes how he was living his.

Interesting that neither was forced into these roles, but both chose to. If you don’t go to church, have a family, start a business, that’s your decision. If you choose to go out at night in a dangerous neighborhood, that is also. Both made an effort to be who they are.

So it’s a bit silly to complain about these terms being used. And it’s even more silly to complain when society makes judgements on whether one’s choices are constructive (family, business) or destructive (tagging and vandalism).


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