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The Bush Dog that Did Not Bark

It’s always hardest to see what is not there, what’s not been done that could have.

One thing I realised today is that unlike Clinton, there have been no reports of large numbers of last minute pardons, particularly of Bush’s own administration.

Some on the right were calling for Bush to pardon his people for anything they might later be harassed about, and many on the left (who of course “honestly believe” that their conspiracy theories are actually solid fact) expected him to.

If he has not, and it seems he has not, he has taken the noble option.

Which is typical of the man.

Eroding Civil Liberties – Bush vs. Dems

Patterico suggests that Obama is appointing the wrong people if he really wants to uphold civil liberties.

Last month, Barack Obama announced the appointment of former Clinton Deputy AG Eric Holder to serve as his Attorney General. Harvey Silverglate, a Boston-based criminal defense and civil liberties lawyer, notes that Holder authored the Holder Memorandum in 1999 while serving in the Clinton Administration, a Memorandum that arguably resulted in significant erosion of the civil liberties of many Americans. Specifically, it pitted American companies against employees to effectively limit the employees’ right to counsel:

The policy was subsequently tested — and rejected — in court:

“This attack on the individual defendants’ Sixth Amendment right to counsel caused Judge Lewis A. Kaplan of the Southern District of New York to dismiss, in June 2006, the massive federal fraud indictment brought against a group of former employees of KPMG in U.S. v. Stein, a groundbreaking ruling affirmed by the 2d U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals this past August. Kaplan denounced the government’s pressure on KPMG to show “cooperation” through both advising employees against seeking legal counsel and not paying the defendants’ legal bills. The government, Kaplan wrote, “let its zeal get in the way of its judgment. It has violated the constitution it is sworn to defend.

Remember: the US constitution defines the rights of US citizens, not terrorists.

Reporter Throws Shoes at Bush

So some reporter threw his shoes at Bush.

It’s a little know fact that the same reporter threw his shoes at Saddam, and was immediatly taken out and shot… or not.

One could take the view that that Iraq is a failure – and there was a failure to protect innocent people, which is this guy’s beef.

(Funny how those “pro-freedom” terrorists only popped up to do their child-killing work after the US did the actual work of removing a dictator’s armed forces.)

But what this actually demonstrates to me is that Bush created a country where the press feels free enough to express itself.

That is an encouraging thought.

Small Town

It’s been said that being George W Bush over the last 7 years is like being a man in a small town who picks up his local paper in the morning.

He reads from the headline the accusation that he is a rapist.

Reading the article however, cases a completely different light and in fact reveals that he is nothing of the sort.

Rumsfeld gets that treatment in this Stuff article from Reuters.

Headline: “Rumsfeld implicated in Abu Gharib report


“said Rumsfeld contributed to the abuse by authorizing aggressive interrogation techniques at Guantanamo Bay on Dec. 2, 2002.

He rescinded the authorisation six weeks later.”

So the idea that Rumsfeld had anything to do with Abu Gharib is a big stretch.

But to write that headline, you’re stretching it to breaking point – it deliberately implies something that simply isn’t true.

I’m disgusted that this level of journalism has made it’s way here. It’s bad enough to have it in America, but why do people need to use our press to dishonestly attack politicians from another country?

Don’t answer that.

Bush too fit, Obama in fantastic shape

I get it that the media hate Bush. He talks funny and doesn’t conform, then he went out and fought some wars.

But the level of pettiness that some reporters show is pretty pathetic, especially put up against reporting his replacement.

In Old Medialand, all it takes for a personal habit — in this case, exercise — to go from vice to an overhyped virtue is a change in the party affiliation of the White House occupant.

Yesterday, NB’s Tim Graham commented on a puff piece about the Obamas’ exercise routines by Associated Press groupie — er, reporter — Deanna Bellandi, who characterized the couple as “fabulously fit.”

Several NB commenters at Graham’s post pointed out that Barack Obama has been smoking cigarettes for years, something Bellandi “somehow” overlooked. Further, Obama has promised to quit, and it’s not at all clear that he has.

More to the point, during the Bush presidency, the press treated the current White House occupant’s exercise routine quite differently, characterizing it as “creepy,” an “obsession,” and an “indulgence,” even in supposedly objective wire service reports.

When Liberal Talking Points Collide with Reality

Heh, this is funny. I’ll let Newsbusters do all the commentary.

On Tuesday’s The O’Reilly Factor, FNC host Bill O’Reilly showed clips from the Kalb Report show in which moderator Marvin Kalb, a veteran of both CBS and NBC News, interviewed O’Reilly. During the interview, which was recorded on September 27, O’Reilly managed to embarrass Kalb as the liberal host seemed to criticize President Bush for ordering American troops into war after the President himself “avoided military service,” but he seemed to forget that Bill Clinton, who ordered a war against Serbia, dodged the draft and avoided military service altogether while Bush did at least serve in the National Guard. Kalb posed the question: “Do you believe that a President who avoided military service himself should be sending young men and women to fight in what are called ‘wars of choice’?”

After O’Reilly flippantly asked Kalb if he was talking about Bill Clinton and pointed out that Bush served in the National Guard, Kalb claimed that “Bill Clinton did not start a war such as the Iraq War.” After mentioning that Clinton ordered war against Serbia, O’Reilly charged that Kalb was asking “another left-wing question,” and took a jab at the moderator: “You wanted to hit Bush, and then I hit you with Clinton, and you were going, ‘Uh-oh, I forgot about him.’ Come on.”

O’Reilly also notably pointed out that several intelligence agencies – including those of Britain, Jordan and Egypt – had agreed with the Bush administration that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction: “We talked to people in British intelligence, Egyptian intelligence – we, the Factor staff – and Jordanian intelligence to confirm what the United States intelligence was putting out. … So I’m going, ‘If Blair, Mubarak and the Jordanian guys are saying the same thing, who am I to say it’s bull?’” The FNC host also noted that terrorists Abu Nidal and Abu Abbas had taken refuge in Iraq before the invasion: “I’ve also got Abu Nidal and Abu Abbas inside Iraq, notorious terrorists. And they got all this stuff confirmed by four other intelligence agencies. I got Tony Blair out there telling me the same thing. I got Bush, and I got Bill Clinton saying the same thing.”

Screaming the same BS over and over is never a substitute for having the facts on your side.

I have had several conversations in recent months, where people have simply never questioned the liberal version of events until I point out some facts that are not exactly hidden…

Bush is still in power, still the target

How low can the media go?

Well, when he congratulated Obama on his victory, one outfit said he “wanted to bask in the reflected glory of the history that was made…just like John McCain did last night”

As NewsBusters says…

Clearly, Bush and McCain are more gracious in defeat that NBC and Chuck Todd are in victory.

Don’t bother looking for conservatives to thrown their toys at the inauguration either – that’s also a liberal thing.

Another Bush Failure

Sigh. What is it about George W. Bush’s face that makes him so hard to capture in a caricature?

Murray Webb’s are the best, but again, he just fails to get a good likeness of the great man. It’s certainly a better effort than most, but I don’t think his face is that flat, and the big area above the mouth seems to remind me of someone else who’s name I can’t recall (Biden?).

But the essence is there, which is a vast improvement on most I’ve seen.

Investigate Acorn

Heh, this would be a very good idea for Bush to follow up on.

Americans for Limited Government today announced the launching of a new nationwide campaign,, urging President Bush to investigate allegations of serious wrongdoing by the left-wing community action organization ACORN.

“With the launching of, and a massive outreach efforts to grassroots activists nationwide,” ALG president Bill Wilson said, “we are today asking the President to defend our country by launching immediate investigations into a wide range of possible ACORN illegal activities.

“These range from voter fraud, for which ACORN has already been implicated in more than a dozen states this year alone, to the pivotal role ACORN played in bringing about the financial collapse Americans are enduring today.”

I can just see Bush at the press conference…
“Oh, did you just say that Obama trained the guys doing all this illegal and unethical stuff? You don’t say!”

Disappeared on the way to Church (with Bush)

The Chinese government is not letting the Olympics, or the presence of President Bush get in the way of their ongoing persecution of the Chinese church.

This morning, Brother Hua Huiqi successfully got rid of the police placed on his surveillance and met with his brother Hua Huilin.  Then, they rode bikes and were bound for Kuanjie Church.  At a place about 1.5 kilometers from the church, they were arrested by the police.Ingenious arrangements are being made at TSPM’s Kuanjie Church established by the government to welcome the visit of US President Bush on August 10.High-ranking officials from the Public Security Bureau, Bureau of Security, Bureau of Religion and TSPM/China Christian Council met at Kuanjie Church established by the government and there, they made ingenious arrangements for the visit of US President Bush on August 10.

They won’t give the ordinary believers of the church a chance to meet President Bush or overseas media.  They will also drive the ordinary believers out of the church before and after President Bush’s visit. Informed sources have disclosed that a red slip of procedure for the worship ceremony is a mark for their identification.  The red slips have been distributed before noon today.  Most people President Bush and the overseas media will meet in the church are security people, political workers and people trained by them to pose as believers. An old believer who was baptized at Kuanjie Church nearly 20 years ago complained: “Whether you are a believer or not, no one is allowed to enter the church.  When President Bush comes tomorrow, where can we do our Sunday service?”  Another believer who lives nearby Kuanjie Church joked: “President Bush is coming to preach the Gospel to those who don’t believe in the Lord (referring to those police officers and officials).  We are already believers, so we certainly don’t have to come here tomorrow.”


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