The Bush Dog that Did Not Bark

It’s always hardest to see what is not there, what’s not been done that could have. One thing I realised today is that unlike Clinton, there have been no reports of large numbers of last minute pardons, particularly of Bush’s own administration. Some on the right were calling for Bush to pardon his people for… Continue reading The Bush Dog that Did Not Bark

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Eroding Civil Liberties – Bush vs. Dems

Patterico suggests that Obama is appointing the wrong people if he really wants to uphold civil liberties. Last month, Barack Obama announced the appointment of former Clinton Deputy AG Eric Holder to serve as his Attorney General. Harvey Silverglate, a Boston-based criminal defense and civil liberties lawyer, notes that Holder authored the Holder Memorandum in… Continue reading Eroding Civil Liberties – Bush vs. Dems

Small Town

It’s been said that being George W Bush over the last 7 years is like being a man in a small town who picks up his local paper in the morning. He reads from the headline the accusation that he is a rapist. Reading the article however, cases a completely different light and in fact… Continue reading Small Town

When Liberal Talking Points Collide with Reality

Heh, this is funny. I’ll let Newsbusters do all the commentary. On Tuesday’s The O’Reilly Factor, FNC host Bill O’Reilly showed clips from the Kalb Report show in which moderator Marvin Kalb, a veteran of both CBS and NBC News, interviewed O’Reilly. During the interview, which was recorded on September 27, O’Reilly managed to embarrass… Continue reading When Liberal Talking Points Collide with Reality

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Another Bush Failure

Sigh. What is it about George W. Bush’s face that makes him so hard to capture in a caricature? Murray Webb’s are the best, but again, he just fails to get a good likeness of the great man. It’s certainly a better effort than most, but I don’t think his face is that flat, and… Continue reading Another Bush Failure

Investigate Acorn

Heh, this would be a very good idea for Bush to follow up on. Americans for Limited Government today announced the launching of a new nationwide campaign,, urging President Bush to investigate allegations of serious wrongdoing by the left-wing community action organization ACORN. “With the launching of, and a massive outreach efforts to… Continue reading Investigate Acorn

Disappeared on the way to Church (with Bush)

The Chinese government is not letting the Olympics, or the presence of President Bush get in the way of their ongoing persecution of the Chinese church. This morning, Brother Hua Huiqi successfully got rid of the police placed on his surveillance and met with his brother Hua Huilin.  Then, they rode bikes and were bound… Continue reading Disappeared on the way to Church (with Bush)