A Few International Items

Michelle Malkin reports on Ramadan riots in Europe and the lack of MSM coverage thereof. She also points out the hypocrisy of the left: 1. Democrats release select part of classified report that make the Iraq report look bad. 2. President Bush then releases other parts of the report, excluding stuff that can’t be owing… Continue reading A Few International Items

Plamegate implodes

Remember how Rove was going to be indited? Indeed – to quote Instapundit (who gets the hat tip for this one) Far from being part of an orchestrated plot or a vast White House conspiracy, Plame’s unmasking was simply the handiwork of that Washington, D.C., staple, an insider with a big mouth. The culprit was… Continue reading Plamegate implodes

Partisan Retoric

David Limbaugh outlines very well what Bush would have said on 9/11 of he had been trying to give a partisan speech. Worth reading, just to get your self back in balance with reality. Speaking of reality, it appears there’s a bit of a shortage around at the moment. Exhibit A: What’s his name from… Continue reading Partisan Retoric