Blaming the guy who’s doing all the work

I sometimes honestly wonder how Idiot can be so uninformed. It’s frankly amazing just how wrong he can be sometimes. Like this. In the past year, a series of earthquakes has devastated our second largest city. But with the recovery supposedly well underway, you’d expect the building industry to be working flat-out fixing all those… Continue reading Blaming the guy who’s doing all the work

“Gay’s Caused the Earthquake” site is atheist satire, not Christian

On the day of the earthquake, a site was circulated by various outraged atheists. It blamed the earthquakes on tolerance of gay people in New Zealand. The site is now removed, but it’s still readable on cache. I had a look through the pages, and notice a couple of things that made me wonder.¬†Specifically: The… Continue reading “Gay’s Caused the Earthquake” site is atheist satire, not Christian

Not much bread left in Dunedin

Couplands ran out days ago. Supermarkets are starting to look very bare. In fact it’s even worse – these photos make it look like there’s more than there actually is. You can see the red sign behind the trolley which are again appearing all over, telling us that stuff is unavailable¬†because¬†of the earthquake.

CTV Building

From One News tonight. It’s a miracle anyone emerged alive. Other damage Another shot of the CTV building Sumner

Water Shortage In Christchurch

There are problems with the water system in Christchurch. There will not be enough water to meet demand in Christchurch in the coming days, Christchurch City Council says. The council says damage caused by yesterday’s earthquake meant the water supply was not functioning on the eastern side of the city. “There is no drinking water… Continue reading Water Shortage In Christchurch

Quake Graph

There’s a very useful interactive graph of the quakes in Christchurch here. Update: HP has the PM’s speech. Update2: Imagine being on this footpath when the quake struck.

*The* Photo of the Quake? #eqnz

To me, this photo from The Herald symbolises so much about this quake. Like last time, suburbs under water. But unlike last time, there is smoke rising from the CBD where people are trapped in collapsed buildings. Same, but different. Worse. Update: Yes, the cathedral will most likely become the symbol, but to me, this… Continue reading *The* Photo of the Quake? #eqnz