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Christ: Give to the Poor

I couldn’t put it better myself.

The difference between the left and right is not about whether or not financial assistance should be provided to the poor. Contrary to the false moral superiority (and slander) propagated by left wing activists, the difference is that the left primarily believe in taking other peoples money by threats of violence and giving it to the poor and in practice they give very little of their own money voluntarily. Conservatives, on the other hand, give generously of their own money and take others by force only when as a last resort.

I can find no scripture anywhere which suggests that Christians should help the poor by giving regular, set payments, regardless of the recipient’s heart, by taking that money from others.

Nor do I find any scripture that suggests that one should force others to give to the poor under compulsion, while giving nothing voluntarily oneself.

I once spoke to a christian man, a true solder of the cross (sadly now departed) who spent his life working for the cause of the gospel.

He pointed out that in old times, the local church would provide welfare to people as it was needed, because the church knew the people in question, knew their circumstances, knew if they needed help, were downplaying their situation or simply being lazy. Charity strengthened the community because people actually had do to something to help their fellow man. (I guess they could also give as they were able – if you didn’t have $10, you might have extra potatoes instead.)

While there are advantages to the welfare state, he pointed out that it’s advent meant a great loss to communities, where those in need no longer needed to have contact with their community, and had help targeted regardless of their real need, be it greater or lesser than that provided.

People portray the right as hard on the poor, and the left as beign out of touch with aspects of the real world. I am on the right because I think there is not compromise, because being a conservative has the best of both worlds.


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