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Millie Elder – “I won’t be able to travel”

Cry me a river.

It was revealed that Elder, a model, developed a $1000 a day drug habit, after she began taking drugs three years ago.

Elder’s lawyer Chris Comeskey argued she should be discharged without conviction, saying future travel plans and employment could be affected. Holmes made a similar argument to the court.

But Judge Anne Kiernan said there was no evidence before her to suggest a conviction would be out of proportion to the level of her offending.

In other words, they didn’t bother to argue that the proposed sentence was too much, they just told the judge that it would be inconvenient to her future. Bo ho.

It’s called punishment. You did the crime, now you do the time. Novel concept I know.

Just be thankful you have a nice rich daddy who can pay off any debts from your former habit. Now would be a good time to join the real world and get an actual 9 to 5 job like the rest of us.


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