Christchurch Earthquake Memorial

Well, the memorial service was today. It was really too early, but sometimes there’s never a good time for these things. I am sure for many of those who have been part of the rescue/recovery operation, the long weekend will do them good. Certainly I heard reports on the radio that a great many people… Continue reading Christchurch Earthquake Memorial

Copy of police statement – “Multiple fatalities have been reported”

Took a while to get this so thought I’d pass on for those interested. Major earthquake in Christchurch 22 February, 2011 – 13:55 A major earthquake in Christchurch at 12.51pm has caused widespread damage and injury. The central city is currently being evacuated as reports are received of widespread damage to buildings and infrastructure. Multiple… Continue reading Copy of police statement – “Multiple fatalities have been reported”

Two Cities, Two Ads, One Store

I purchased both the Press and the ODT today. Thought these two ads were interesting side by side. 20 ScrubOne Points* for spotting the mistake in the Dunedin ad, 500 points for telling me the correction! *Redeemable at participating retail outlets.