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TED Talks – How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change

I was listening to some podcasts a few weeks back, and I heard this guy speak.

I’ve now watched the video and I have to say, in terms of political issues of the day, this has got to be one of the most important talks ever given.

I say this for 3 reasons.

1) There is currently massive efforts going into stopping climate change. If this guy is right, that effort, even if the science behind it is 100% correct, is a waste of time because desertification is going to wipe out any potential gains from getting rid of carbon emissions.

2) There are efforts going on in the world to stop land degrading. Those efforts are actually making the problem worse.

3) The actual solution is a win-win. But it goes against what the green lobby have been pushing for years.

4) And finally: This is not theory. This is not modeling. This is not dubious science backed up by bluster. This is a  dramatic demonstration of a simple theory that actually works – and goes against accepted thinking.

In short, if you watch no other video on this blog ever, please watch this one. (And the one with Clarkson and the tiny car – that is some funny stuff!)

Arctic Ice Loss being offset by Antarctic?

I stumbled across this today.

 Taking all the world’s sea ice together, then – as opposed to focusing exclusively on the Arctic – the picture is far less gloomy than most media outlets would have you believe. [Gee, who knew? S1] Generally the world has between 15 and 23 million square km of the stuff: at the moment it has a bit more than 18m, which is approximately 1.5m below average for this time of year. Earlier this year, though, it was nearly 1m up on the seasonal average.

There are some other things to bear in mind, too: melting sea ice, of course, doesn’t mean rising sea levels the way melting glaciers or ice sheets on land might. Then there’s the fact that the satellite record is so short and the polar regions so little known: longer term variations like the one we’re seeing may be entirely normal.

Keep calm and carry on. The world isn’t ending, and spending billions trying to stop the climate changing is taking money away from areas where it could so some real good.

(Also, this story is way cool)

Proof that Global Warming is not a recent Hysteria

Wonderful. We can now add to that growing list of “things caused by Global Warming”, the fall of the roman empire.



A new paper in “Science” magazine suggests the Roman Empire fell because of “global warming,” not the hordes of barbarians who pillaged, a claim that critics tell WND is the latest climate-change hysteria promoted as legitimate research by mainstream academics.

Tim Ball, anenvironmental consultantand former historical climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg in Canada, told WND the explanation for how the Roman Empire fell is completely contradicted by the written history of ancient Europe as well as the archeological record.

One is left wondering if those who published this paper gave any thought to what they were doing. One assumes they believe climate change is good science, so one is left with the conclusion that they are morons who have a deep unconscious desire to be mocked.

Global Warming on Ice

Either my eyes are deceiving me or Poneke just wrote a article on global warming that can’t help but agree with.

Apparently, a “denier” even won a bet.

Unfortunately, those whose reputations, or belief structures, depend on finding “proof” of human-caused, catastrophic global warming are not prepared to wait for evidence. More than a few are little more than Luddites who want potentially extreme economic sanctions enacted against almost everything that has enabled the modern world to have become the marvel that it is and they want it now. They discount contrary evidence such as the the past decade’s non-warming, and claimed that last year’s ice cap shrinking was a “record” that proved their arguments, when in fact no satellite data existed before 1979.

It’s interesting that the news media, which trumpeted last year’s ice cap minimum as “proof” of global warming, appears not to have much to say about this year’s larger ice cap. I may have missed it, but I have yet to see any New Zealand media run the NSIDC announcement.

Extraordinarily, the New Zealand Herald as recently as Wednesday ran yet another scare story predicting doom for polar bears and claiming the ice cap was likely to reduce below last year’s minimum — this the very day after the NSIDC admitted this year’s ice minimum was greater than the last.

Personally, I believe we should be doing as much as possible — globally as well as locally — to reduce pollution of the environment, whether from car exhausts, factory chimneys, fertiliser run-offs from farms, and all other sources. But this is so we have a clean environment to live in. If human-induced global warming is more than a computer prediction and if it is a bad thing and if cleaning up the global environment really can reduce it, well, that would be wonderful.

I’m not sure, however, that we should be trashing the global economy and starving large numbers of people by introducing extreme measures designed to counter something that exists to date only in computer models.

Interesting point about Luddites – I once heard a BBC presentation where they pointed out that the Luddites were actually a lot like modern liberals as they wanted protection for traditional workers (in the textile industry – they ran the old hand looms) over new technology.

Makes you think.

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