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Evolutionism: Does anyone actually really believe it?

Thought this was an interesting debate – does anyone actually believe evolution is true?

Ok, please read this slowly. Evolutionary biology is a Scientific Theory. Scientific theories are frameworks that let us understand how the natural world works. They are not guides for how would should live….

[Reply]Hi, David. We have read your latest post very, very slowly. Unfortunately, it does not improve the slower you get.

Nevertheless we will attempt one last herculean effort to work through the issues with you.
Our debate is over evolutionism. Our contention has been that no-one really believes it. Your contention is that evolutionism is both true and is a fact and that you for one most certainly do believe it to be true.


Now, if evolutionism is true your statement, “it is not a guide for how we should live” has no meaning whatsoever. There is no “should” in evolutionism, and evolutionism, as a cosmogony accounts for all there is. This is to say there is no “should” in being and the natural world. To pretend that there are such things as “morals” “ethics” or to believe that there is a right way that “society should be run” has absolutely no meaning within the cosmogony of evolutionism. Such language and such concepts are inconsistent with the way the natural order actually is. They are falsehoods or myths or fairy tales. You, as the representative and exponent of evolutionism, cannot be allowed to use such language without recognising that you are implicitly denying the very cosmogony you are trying to espouse.

Now we realise that this may be a bit painful, but thems the facts.

Nor is it reasonable to imply that evolutionism partially accounts for everything there is, such that we must look elsewhere for things like ethics.

I suspect that the point has some truth – that few people actually believe evolution. It depends on the level – a lot of people (like me) believe it’s poppycock, other people believe it’s possible but not likely, and some people believe it’s probably true but don’t realise that they don’t follow through on this belief, leading to the suggestion that they don’t either.

Comments are off on this thread. I think it would be more appropriate for people to comment on the thread over at Contra Celsum, but I suspect that some people would like abuse me here anyway either on an issue I don’t have a fixed position on or on the truth or otherwise of evolution – and that’s not one that’s not covered by this post.


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