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Discriminating Against Christians

Here’s a story that might make people think.

Gay activists will tomorrow condemn the appointment of openly-Christian leader in the UK to the country’s main equality commission and demand his resignation.

In a ten-page dossier to be published on its website, the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement calls for the head of the Evangelical Alliance, Dr Joel Edwards, to stand down as a member of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

The commission, chaired by Trevor Phillips, was set up last October under the Equality Act 2006. Dr Edwards was appointed one of 14 members in November as having “exceptional experience in the field of equality and human rights.” The commission’s role is to achieve “a fairer, more inclusive Britain” by promoting equality and human rights across society and providing back-up for discrimination legislation. The commission will also investigate the root causes of inequality in our society.

The movement’s main concern outlined in the dossier, which is based on material taken from the Alliance’s own website, is that he should never have been appointed in the first place. The dossier cites Dr Edwards’ stance on the Sexual Orientation Regulations and on civil partnerships. The dossier also refers to some of the lobbying the EA has done behind the scenes on such issues, and reflects concern in the gay community that as an insider, Dr Edwardds might be able to use his position on the Commission to lobby further.

Its publication comes just a few hours before Dr Williams’ launches the Lambeth Conference at Lambeth Palace tomorrow and gives an indication of how irreconcilable the separate evangelical and homosexual camps have become. Dr Williams will unveil an agenda for the 600-plus bishops expected at Kent University in Canterbury in July which is concentrated primarily on prayer, mission and discussion.

Interesting how a Christian in an influential position is now as controversial as a homosexual used to be – the roles have completely and utterly reversed.

But is it really a better case – i.e. is a Christian who has spoken against homosexual unions as bad as someone who lobbys for them?


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