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YAH! For the Weekend!

I’m so glad that the weekend is here. I have entered relaxation mode. Even though there is one hundred and one things to do, ’tis all a haze. It’s quite good really:)

Some tunes to boogie down to over the weekend and beyond.

Something more pleasant to listen to than Aunty Helen and Brother Don

Man instead of the current slinging matches, what about more funding for police to help them get the killer(s) of the Kahui twins, and get other murderers and rapists and other bad people? Hey we are all sinners and guilty of slagging off I’m sure but Parliament needs to grow up! Soon the Maori party will be older than the other parties the way things are going.

Anyway chill out with these cool tunes (Warning: this music is a refreshing change that’s louder than Labour but definately likable:)

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