An idea to get Conservatism back on track

The Republican party in the US just suffered quite a defeat. But they do have a position as majority in the house from which they can launch something. I was reading via Instapundit today (or maybe yesterday) that in spite of recent events, in spite of Chicago being dominated by Democrats, in spite of the failures of Stimulus projects, in spite… Continue reading An idea to get Conservatism back on track

Greenpeace Attempts Bribe of PM?

Sounds like it to me: Prime Minister John Key will be offered $4781 by Lucy Lawless and Jim Salinger today in an attempt to get him to a climate change conference in Denmark next month. … Mr Key said he was comfortable sending Environment Minister Nick Smith to represent New Zealand. His attitude has not… Continue reading Greenpeace Attempts Bribe of PM?

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Field Given 6 Years

Justice is served – though as usual it’s taken some time. Disgraced former MP Taito Phillip Field was today jailed for six years for bribery and corruption and perverting the course of justice.In August, a jury in the High Court in Auckland found the former Mangere MP guilty of 26 of the 35 criminal charges… Continue reading Field Given 6 Years

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Sitting there in front of one’s nose

Several bloggers have noted the lack of response on Labour’s blog to one of their former MPs being convicted of bribery and corruption. Maybe their “About” statement explains it? These are the voices of Labour MPs on issues that we care about… Clearly the answer is right there: Labour MPs don’t care about corruption or… Continue reading Sitting there in front of one’s nose

Field from Left Field

One of the advantages of having registered every single known public interest blog in Google Reader is that you can use the power of Google to quickly and efficiently find who’s bothered to comment on certain issues. I thought it would be interesting to post reactions from the left. Just left: First thing first; if… Continue reading Field from Left Field

It’s racist not to use “Taito”

People, please remember that when you refer to our first MP convicted of corruption, it’s “Petty Racism” not to use his chiefly title. I only mention this because on the TV last night, there was a clip of Helen announcing Field’s demotion at some point and she omitted a certain word…

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Less corruption, or more blindness?

Idiot/Savant blogs on corruption in Australia as opposed to New Zealand. Meanwhile, over the ditch, former Queensland Cabinet Minister Gordon Nuttall has just been convicted on 36 charges of receiving secret commissions while in office and sentenced to seven years. And he’s not the first. He’s the fifth Queensland Cabinet Minister to be jailed for… Continue reading Less corruption, or more blindness?

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Policy Missing

With less than 3 days to go, I am deeply disappointed with the failure of National in particular to produce one policy in particular. A Google search on the topic reveals nothing from any party at all. Corruption. While we are a long way from the situation where public officials can be bought and sold,… Continue reading Policy Missing

Face the Music

Reading comments today about how Labour is, once again, leaving a crap economy for National to fix up, I was reminded of when I was learning music and practicing for the end of year concert. My teacher pointed out time and time again, that no one really remembers how you started, but everyone remembers if… Continue reading Face the Music

Sickening Pro-Government Police Corruption

Hooton has a post today on his OIA request regarding the Brash Email affair. It makes sickening reading. This is the sort of pro-government political manipulation & undermining of the opposition we have come to expect from Zimbabwe, not here in New Zealand. The fact that Matthew has to explain *why* this is important would… Continue reading Sickening Pro-Government Police Corruption