The Last Stages

Stage 1: Total Respect State 2: People meet and matters come up occasionally Stage 3: Talking becomes more frequent Stage 4: I suggest you do this, it might be a good idea Stage 5: This would really help… Stage 6: We would prefer if you did this. Stage 7: We expect you to do this.… Continue reading The Last Stages

Funny Timing

A corrupt IRD worker has been caught. Song, who was an Inland Revenue investigator at the time, told the couple a tax case against them would be dropped if they paid him $120,000. In the end they agreed to pay $60,000 into a Chinese bank account. Police, who had been tipped off to the extortion… Continue reading Funny Timing

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You have to take out the bad apples quickly, or this happens

Funny thing about Labour’s refusal to remove corruption in a timely fashon. It gets worse. So bad, that even the left is aghast. So I quote the ironic statements of Idiot/Savant here, because for a guy who was head over heals for the Electoral Finance Act, he sure hates the end results of a government… Continue reading You have to take out the bad apples quickly, or this happens

NZ First Paid?

Just heard on the news that New Zealand First has paid up. But then it sounded like they’d distributed money to charities instead. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

Which Church?

I was reading Owen Glen‘s words in the paper, and suddenly something clicked. “There was a little bit of controversy to do with some church that had done something.” Now, if that’s what he actually said, it could actually be true. The Destiny Church were stirring up controversy long before the Exclusive Brethern. The next… Continue reading Which Church?

Putin – Rank Amateur

Putin is having his presidential opponent investigated. Russian prosecutors are to open a criminal inquiry into the presidential candidacy of former PM Mikhail Kasyanov, Russian news agencies say. Reports say prosecutors are looking into whether some of the signatures on his nomination papers were faked. Mr Kasyanov once served under President Vladimir Putin but was… Continue reading Putin – Rank Amateur

Throw away all pretence of integrity – you’re supporting Labour

NRT says: Last week, the government introduced a bill into Parliament – the Appropriation (Continuation of Interim Meaning of Funding for Parliamentary Purposes) Bill – aimed at bringing clarity to parties’ Parliamentary spending by extending the current definition of funding entitlements until 2009. Indeed, it will be very clear that parties can spend money on… Continue reading Throw away all pretence of integrity – you’re supporting Labour