Covington report out

The independent agency hired to investigate the Covington Catholic incident just released their report. They found no evidence of racist statements, students bought Obama hats on previous trips, and Nathan Phillips refused to cooperate with them. — Jeremy McLellan (@JeremyMcLellan) February 13, 2019 It’s a short read, 4 pages. It deals with the points… Continue reading Covington report out

More on Covington

We now know more than enough to know that Nathan Philips is not trustworthy. Much of the continued progressive hatred for the Covington Kids depends on taking Nathan Phillips at his word. No one should: — David French (@DavidAFrench) January 23, 2019 This TimCast video actually isn’t about Covintongate. It was posted a few… Continue reading More on Covington

Media – WE are the victims here

  Just in case all that’s happened has passed you by, and you still didn’t think that the media does it’s job, Kirsten Powers is here to tell you that they are real victims of all this. Update: you can always tell when the media doesn’t like the story. Update 2: play stupid games win stupid… Continue reading Media – WE are the victims here

Media to receive lesson 2?

I’ve said to a lot of people, that the media really should have learned something from Trump’s election. Here’s a guy they told us was the devil incarnate, and he still was elected by a landslide in the electoral college. (Yes, I know about the popular vote,  I also know what that means – bupkis.) See,… Continue reading Media to receive lesson 2?

Covington-gate Videos and some more thoughts

Here’s a pretty good summary video of the whole situation from a YouTuber called Independent Man. Pretty much what I’d want to make though I think it needs a slightly better conclusion – but that’s a minor grumble. He does a good job of showing what happened and how ridiculous this is. Sargon of Akkad… Continue reading Covington-gate Videos and some more thoughts

No Credible Media

I don’t know what to call this, but I’ll start with the title “No Credible Media”, because it seems to me that the events of this week have really shot any remaining pretense of credibility on the part of the non-conservative media. But the manner in which they’ve done it is jaw-dropping. Let’s review. …but… Continue reading No Credible Media