Mana insult recovery efforts? What say you?

Hear this this one recent morning. “You know, given how the situation here in Christchurch and how often the people living on the good side of Christchurch have been getting services while the people on the poorer side, who are often Maori, are still to a large degree being ignored.” When I heard that, I thought that it was referring… Continue reading Mana insult recovery efforts? What say you?

Quote of the Day

What Hawking appears to have done is to confuse law with agency. His call on us to choose between God and physics is a bit like someone demanding that we choose between aeronautical engineer Sir Frank Whittle and the laws of physics to explain the jet engine. Source. Incidentally, I was debating the existence of… Continue reading Quote of the Day

I’m an Honest Person

Here’s a hypothetical. Let’s say I have a reputation as an honest person. One day, I murder someone. The crime is never solved. By the time I get around to confessing my part, four decades have past. The question is, having confessed, can I be regarded as an honest person?


Over at Open Parachute, there’s a video making the case for evolution. I suppose it’d be a good opening salvo, but it didn’t address a lot of creation objections and thus didn’t convince me – a fact that I relayed in comments. One reason (among many) is the “it can’t be designed, it has flaws”… Continue reading Flaws

The Origins of Life

Found this old video of Wilder-Smith while I was looking around. It’s quite long, about 1:20. As a true pioneer of the alternatives to evolutionary theory, Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith fearlessly confronted the seemingly all powerful theory of evolution in the unversities and churches all over the world. With over 10 scientific publications and numerous patents… Continue reading The Origins of Life

Evolutionism: Does anyone actually really believe it?

Thought this was an interesting debate – does anyone actually believe evolution is true? Ok, please read this slowly. Evolutionary biology is a Scientific Theory. Scientific theories are frameworks that let us understand how the natural world works. They are not guides for how would should live…. [Reply]Hi, David. We have read your latest post… Continue reading Evolutionism: Does anyone actually really believe it?

Genome Project (and other stuff) Claims Evolutionist(‘s Atheism)

This is a good story from The Times. THE scientist who led the team that cracked the human genome is to publish a book explaining why he now believes in the existence of God and is convinced that miracles are real. Francis Collins, the director of the US National Human Genome Research Institute, claims there… Continue reading Genome Project (and other stuff) Claims Evolutionist(‘s Atheism)

Evolution into Different Colours

NRT gets a bit hot about the evolution of moths into… different coloured moths! For decades, industrial melanism was held up as the textbook example of evolution in action. Practically every biology textbook (except possibly those published in Kansas) had the example of the peppered moth, whose dark form had become dominant in response to… Continue reading Evolution into Different Colours

Christians Portrayed in the Media vs. Christians in Reality

TBR.CC mentioned the movie “Inherit the Wind” the other day. I’d heard of this movie, and I thought I’d look it up on Wikipedia. One thing about this movie is the blatant demonisation of Christians, and the article documents this quite well. Inherit the Wind has been criticized for unfairly stereotyping Christians as hostile, hate-filled… Continue reading Christians Portrayed in the Media vs. Christians in Reality