Kos “Grandchild” post gone

LGF notes that the Daily Kos has completely wiped any trace of the stupid “Sarah Palin is NOT the Mother” rumour. But there’s still some of it on Google’s cache. I loved this part The final point of interest is that Trig Palin has been diagnosed with Down’s syndrome (aka trisomy 21). This is an… Continue reading Kos “Grandchild” post gone

Churches are important – if you’re Republician

Daily Kos (via LGF, I don’t read this crap normally) opines on Palin’s church. A look at the home website of Palin’s church tends to be revealing. ¬†Among other things, a particular Assemblies buzzword associated frequently with Hillsong A/G and New Zealand Assemblies churches shows up (“Destiny”, here, is a buzzword for “Joel’s Army”, and… Continue reading Churches are important – if you’re Republician