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Millions will die if we ignore climate change

They say that millions will die if we fail to stop climate change. Maybe they’re right.

Thought for the day

DarfurHas anyone noticed how little is said about Darfur while the Democrats try to extract America from Iraq?

I wonder if there’s a connection here… na, there couldn’t be.

Darfur Blogging

Instapundit reports that “U.N. Envoy Jan Pronk has been kicked out of Darour for blogging”. Blog is here.

Haven’t had time to read it, but there looks to be some very extensive posts.

Sudan and the UN

The UN was setup in the wake of WWII, with preventing genocide as one of it’s core aims.

The situation in Sudan shows the farce that this is. The Government of Sudan is able to stop the UN moving in on it’s own

In an unsigned letter this week, Sudan’s UN mission warned that any nation volunteering troops for a UN peacekeeping force in its vast Darfur region was committing a “hostile act” that was a “prelude to an invasion.”

Sadly, this being an “internal” problem, it can be safely ignored.

The sooner a proper replacement for the UN is found, the better.


Found this cartoon on Cox and Forkum. Two Years Old.

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