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Modern Resurrection! The Debt Monster Lives!

Wow. Wow. There has been an actual resurrection – in modern times. Not overseas either – right here in New Zealand!

Students at tertiary campuses throughout New Zealand have held protests to mark a milestone of student debt.

On Thursday morning debt calculators on student websites clicked over to $10 billion, according to official figures obtained by the national student union body.

Otago Polytechnic Students Association co-president Ryan Ward says they marked the occasion with a protest to drench the debt monster.

Yet I seem to recall this self same monster being slain by our PM 3 years ago – it was on the national news. NZUSA actually put out a press release suggesting that it was being heavily injured. I wonder how that National policy would have worked out?

26 July 2005 – Labour finally strikes a blow at the student debt
If implemented, Labour’s tertiary student support policy, including the introduction of no interest on loans while borrowers are in New Zealand, would be the most significant blow to the $7 billion debt monster since the student loan scheme was introduced in 1992.
24 July 2005 – National tertiary policy silent on student fees
NZUSA is fearful that the release of the National Party’s Tertiary Education Policy today could spell the return of the high student fee rises of the 90s.

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