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Clinton gonna do a “Tonya Harding”?

From NewsBusters.

Until recently the most popular metaphor to describe the Hillary Clinton campaign was Scorched Earth. This metaphor implies that Hillary is willing to destroy the entire Democrat party in an effort to win the nomination. However, there is a new metaphor on the block which is a bit more precise in its description: the Tonya Harding Option. This new metaphor was supposedly introduced yesterday by Jake Tapper in his ABC News ‘Political Punch’ posting, Democratic Party Official: Clinton Pursuing ‘The Tonya Harding Option’:

Heh, the punch line is that both lost, and someone else won.

In this case, that someone else would be McCain. Man, Clinton is never going to live it down if she is the one that’s seen to have stood in the way of a Democrat victory. Hopefully then we’ll get rid of her for good.

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