Top 10 Reasons the Dems Lost

Liberty Scott has a list of self-serving excuses that the Democrats will almost certainly use after yesterday’s loss. 1.   Opponents (or enemies) don’t believe in science or facts.  They are stupid. For some reason, the left think that they can win votes by insulting the voters. To be fair, this sometimes works, but in this… Continue reading Top 10 Reasons the Dems Lost

“Restoring Sanity”

Found this video from Stephen Crowder via Twitter. He was assaulted by a liberal for not having his papers (yes, seriously!), noted various abusive posters present, not to mention lewd behaviour and theft by participants. Enjoy.

Hang on, that person not only isn’t crazy, I actually agree with them

The left love to portray Tea Party candidates as lunatic idiots. Here’s a couple of quotes I found on my feeds. Exhibit 1: In television and radio ads, Reid’s aides have tried to create and then exploit perceptions that Angle is a dangerous reactionary. It has not been especially difficult work. Exhibit 2: But the… Continue reading Hang on, that person not only isn’t crazy, I actually agree with them

Breitbart Takes on the Astroturfers

Can’t really go past Patterico’s title. It’s… well, scary how scared these protesters are to face Breitbart. He goes along the line, asking people to justify their signs, and they simply can’t give reasoned answers, if they answer at all. After only a couple, the organisers move them away so he can’t do that anymore.… Continue reading Breitbart Takes on the Astroturfers


Saw this report today. A 70-year-old Nashville man was accused of ramming his sport utility vehicle several times into the back of a vehicle that had a Obama/Biden bumper sticker. Harry K Weisiger, a retiree, made obscene gestures and pointed at the campaign sticker for United States President Barack Obama and running mate Joe Biden… Continue reading Change!

Left-Wing Activist Guilty in Democratic Office Attack

Michelle Malkin notes that a left-wing activist who tried to fake a conservative attack on a Democratic party office plead guilty to the attack. Funny how some of the left accuse Bush of masterminding 9/11 – they seem quite obsessed with these sort of tactics, don’t they?