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Brash is Gone

Hat Tip Sir Humpheries.

ILMTW is thrilled.

ScrubOne is still digesting.

Note to Hager: Spot the Elephant in the Room

From the Herald:

Hager said the book, The Hollow Men: A study in the politics of deception, “shines a light on many deceptive and unethical activities that otherwise would have remained secret, and raises important questions about the future of the National Party.”

Yea, it’s the National party we’re all worried about, what with their ruling opposing the country with an iron fist and all.

Speaks volumes about this country – who’s in the public sights? The opposition. Who’s just been caught with their hand in the till? The Government. It’s a no-brainer but somehow they just don’t get it.

Taking Responsibility


Bringing Out the Truth

One of the best ways blogs work is to bring out facts that might otherwise remain hidden.

There are many examples:

  • Fauxtography in the recent Lebanon war
  • Dan Rather’s fall from grace
  • The Red Cross “targeting” incident

These are a couple of majors there’s lots of examples every day.

  • Michelle Malkin was pictured in a bikini supposedly from 1992, then someone pointed out that that bikini only came on sale within the last year or so.
  • Little Green Footballs points out today that Syria is boasting the UN can’t stop them.
  • Howard Dean stating that Wallace was “Fair” but then changing his story after the Clinton interview.

Often, these sources are as innocuous as the MSM itself (often “quiet” stories), or the readership of a blog. In the case of the Red Cross, it was enough to point out pictures of real destruction by missiles.

My point is this: Original sources often say quite different things to the public presentation and/or interpretation.

Enter Winston Peters. “Brash is Evil”.

Ah… no, sorry he’s not.

Are there any Full Blooded Maoris Left?

Jordon lashes out at Brash, stating that he is trying to destroy Maoridom. He says this pushes Brash further from the mainstream.

Actually, I’d say it puts him squarly in it. Everyone makes comments like this, I’ve even heard Maori do it.

Having said that, let’s not do it again. Once is enough.

Herald Poll – First Glance

This morning’s Herald Poll is a dosey:

The poll, with a margin of error of 4.4 per cent, shows National is emerging unscathed from the period of political mudslinging and revelations about the Brethren. It also shows that Dr Brash’s rating as preferred Prime Minister is rising and Helen Clark’s is falling.


Asked if Dr Brash was right to call Labour corrupt, 51.8 per cent said yes and 38.4 per cent said no.

This is interesting, especially as it doesn’t include the refusal to pay the money back. That I suspect would drive the numbers far higher.

Don’t Bring Back Bill

The thing that very few people in Labour get is this: Don Brash is liked because he doesn’t act like a politician.

He speaks openly and honestly. He admits mistakes.

He’s not afraid to be controversial yet reasonable.

This is not to say he’s totally honest, or admits all his mistakes or doesn’t sometimes court controversy unnecessarily. But he tries – and people see that.

Bill English did too, but he never quite pulled it off the way Don does.

But I mean, would Helen do this?

(Title is wind-up for ILMTW :))

Cut the Baby in Half

Just reading another Thomas Sowell article.

A thought occurred on compromises.

It really annoys me when people approach a conflict with the idea that there is always fault on both sides. Like the latest political beat-up.

If you don’t know about Solomon and the baby dispute, read up on it – it’s classic.

You can’t always compromise – there are cases where on side is simply in the wrong.

It’s often the one making the most noise – the one willing to stand back for the sake of what’s precious is the better person.

And at the moment, that person is Brash.

Pay it Back.

Finally Found It

Finally found the quote I was looking for last week.

Contrast this with our current government:

George Washington, who took pride in his self-control, lost his temper completely when someone told him that a decision he was going to make could cost him re-election as President. He blew up at the suggestion that he wanted to be President, rather than serving as a duty when he would rather be back home.

Actually, I believe this would better describe that oh-so-evil government we had during the 90s. You know the one, the one that put us through boot camp so Labour could take all the credit when we came out fighting fit.

The opening line in the article made me think of something I realised the other day:

I don’t make a million dollars a year but I think every member of Congress should be paid at least that much. It’s not because those turkeys in Washington deserve it. It’s because we deserve a lot better people than we have in Congress.

Here’s what: Helen, and for that matter, Cullen, are now both earning the most they ever have.

Brash and his likely replacement Key, gave up more that these two put together to get their current jobs.

Just shows you how much credit we should give the concept of these guys being bought off.

Campbell Live & Close Up tonight

Watched Campbell Live, as they were promising interviews with both leaders. Then found Close Up were offering a head to head – think I caught most of it.

Campbell Live got separate interview with each. Naturally, each blamed each other. Helen also got off a good shot about “big money” “buying policies”.

Someone please tell her you can’t buy policy from an opposition. (must post on this topic…)
I note that Campbell had Helen in a nice theatre setting, quite comfortable, gentle probing etc. Brash on the other hand got a “live cross to another studio” type interview. Not relaxed, quite pressing at times. Overall not a balanced display in terms of equal treatment.

I despair of this sort of thing.
Actually, on second thoughts, in the few hard interviews a Labour MP has been given, how many have handled themselves as well as a National government minister from the 90s?

Then switched to Close Up and found a head-to-head. Brash made very good points about already declaring a unilateral cease-fire, corruption being in the electoral act, etc.

Helen just looked stone-faced.

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