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The Investigate Non-Story

I purchased Investigate yesterday.

I’ve never done that before – although people have thought I subscribed owing to my being so well informed through reading blogs 😛

The Peter David thing – here’s the thing. It’s not a non-story. It’s a non.

There’s a paragraph at the end of the editorial. It says nothing.

In my opinion, it’s just a case of SST trying to top investigate, to guess what they were trying to say without any evidence.

They blundered, big time.

Too much Heat, not enough Light

Sir Humphery’s has a very thoughtful piece on the Pope’s speech.

“Sitting here thinking tonight, it came to me what Benedict was doing. I’ve read the entire speech a couple of times now, and I think that what he’s doing is reaching out to us, all of us that live in the West.”

Far, far too many people who are reacting to what the Pope said have failed miserably to give the slightest thought to what he actually said.

In fact, it seems that anything that might criticize Muslims is enough to provoke them, even the observation that they reaction to criticism with violence!

But the thing that got me thinking was the observation that the Crusades were a reaction, rather than being simply agressive. People forget how much of the world is Islam through force, the Crusades being the only time christians made the mistake of using it themselves.


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