DPF Issues Challenge

David Farrar has announced that he has finally read all his 2009 email. He’s set the challenge of reading all his email this year within the week, which of course sets everyone else the challenge of sending him more email than he can read 🙂

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Lies, Stastics and Reporters with an Agenda

The ODT has a new site, and on it one of there reporters throws inuendo at DPF’s company, Curia. At University, the first time round, I majored in rugby and cricket, and minored in “social studies”. Somewhere along the line, one or two tidbits of knowledge were assimilated. In industrial mathematics, one lesson was repeatedly… Continue reading Lies, Stastics and Reporters with an Agenda

Politics Continues…

Firstly, check out DPF this morning, he’s doing great guns at the moment. The video he’s linked to is absolutely classic. Note to self: when next in cabinet, do not ever participate in stupid looking dances. Also he links to this post, which makes some great points about Nationals behaviour re: rumours. Exclusive Brethren also… Continue reading Politics Continues…

NZ Politics Today

Whale Oil is right, the gloves are off. Labour has the cheek to say on National TV “stop the tittle-tattle, and call the dogs off”. They have already and Clark dismissed it. Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t a public pulling back, it was private. This, in my opinion, gives it much more credibility Don Brash… Continue reading NZ Politics Today