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DPF Issues Challenge

David Farrar has announced that he has finally read all his 2009 email.

He’s set the challenge of reading all his email this year within the week, which of course sets everyone else the challenge of sending him more email than he can read 🙂

Lies, Stastics and Reporters with an Agenda

The ODT has a new site, and on it one of there reporters throws inuendo at DPF’s company, Curia.

At University, the first time round, I majored in rugby and cricket, and minored in “social studies”.

Somewhere along the line, one or two tidbits of knowledge were assimilated.

In industrial mathematics, one lesson was repeatedly rammed home: there are lies, damned lies and statistics.

…Without going through it in detail, it found that 48% of parents with children under 12 said they had smacked their children in the past year.

Launching the poll results, Family First national director Bob McCoskrie said: “For a new law to be ignored by so many people who are willing to risk a police or CYF investigation indicates just how out of step with reality this law is.”

He might equally have said: “Fifty-two percent of parents have abided by the new law, when a year ago, 78% said they would not.”

He could have made the point that of the 48% (out of about 250 parents of children under 12 in the total respondent sample of 1018), few, if any, had been prosecuted under the new law, and fears it would lead to a rash of prosecutions have proved groundless.

Mr McCoskrie could also have been a little more transparent about who conducted the research on his organisation’s behalf.

It was a company called Curia Market Research. Curia is owned by David Farrar. Mr Farrar, in another guise, runs the Right-leaning Kiwiblog.

He has consistently [that’s actually arguable – S1] opposed the child discipline amendment and other Labour-led initiatives, including the Electoral Finance Act. He is perfectly entitled to do so.

…So, let me see if I’ve got the hang of this.

Prominent pro-smacking lobby group employs prominent pro-smacking “activist” to provide market research designed to emphasise a statistically validated message?In today’s spin-spun world, that’s probably par for the course.

All the same, it does lend Family First’s most recent headline-making poll an interesting twist.

David Responds.

I would also make the point that the vast majority of our polls for clients are not for publication. They are for their internal decision making. The quote about making sure the questions asked will be of maximum benefit is not in relation to getting the result you want, but having non-leading and non-biased questions. It is in fact the exact opposite of what you imply. One of the largest parts of my job is rewriting draft questions from clients into more neutral language. I could regale you with stories of questions clients have wanted to ask.

Family First have published my full report to them, which allows you to see the exact questions asked. Rather than imply biased questions on the basis of my personal views, why not actually critique the questions asked as they were available to you. If someone wants to argue the questions are leading, then I would happily debate that, but it is hard to debate implications.

Ouch. Read the whole thing.

David does well to shine the brightest possible light on some very dishonest writing. Frankly if I owned a newspaper and a reporter wrote a piece implying what this guy did, when the answer to his questions were publicity available, He’d be shown the door.

Politics Continues…

Firstly, check out DPF this morning, he’s doing great guns at the moment. The video he’s linked to is absolutely classic.

Note to self: when next in cabinet, do not ever participate in stupid looking dances.

Also he links to this post, which makes some great points about Nationals behaviour re: rumours.

Exclusive Brethren also get a hammering after interview last night. Now, I don’t agree with the way the EB church is run – it’s terrible. But their views re: HC are not uncommon.

But on the other hand, one of their original members had a great method of raising money that never failed. Perhaps Helen could try it?

If you live in a Glass House don’t complain about photoshop!

Exhibit A in the great golf club conspiracy”

NZ Politics Today

Whale Oil is right, the gloves are off.

Labour has the cheek to say on National TV “stop the tittle-tattle, and call the dogs off”.

They have already and Clark dismissed it.
Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t a public pulling back, it was private. This, in my opinion, gives it much more credibility

Don Brash has also ordered removed a photo which shows Helen Clark as a Lebian Darth Vader – however that picture has been around for quite some time.
David Farrar defines Corruption, and find the glove fits very nicely thank you very much.

Both David and Sir Humphery give examples of Labour dishing it out in the past – it seems they now can’t take it.

Not surprising, as this time it’s real.

I would go so far as to say the further left you go, the more easily the corruption word is used to describe opponents. It’s just something that they always do. Labour was slightly more restrained (as it’s a mainstream party) in that it tried to have a incident to point to that might be spun that way.
Helen is now claiming that the word “corruption” has no place in a Western democracy.

Except the law her govenment passed? Oh wait, that was passed by the National party, Labour just failed to ammend that section after, oh, 7 odd years in power.

The fact is, the above quite makes me feel sick. Really sick. Are they seriously saying that no one in western society can be corrupt? No, in western society you can be corrupt, it’s just much harder to get away with it, as we have respected, independent instutions.

Well, we did have. And Labour was caught by one.

So in a sence, they are proving themselves correct.

Or at least they will when the call a new election.

Maybe then I’ll feel better.

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