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Labour Caught By Own Law (Again)

There can be no doubt whatsoever that Labour never intended this to happen when they passed the Electoral Finance Act.

Labour Party signs have been removed from the front of the Dunedin South electorate office to comply with the Electoral Finance Act, Dunedin South MP David Benson-Pope says.

Mr Benson-Pope was contacted yesterday after confusion from the public over the removal of the signs from the King Edward St office, which he shares with Labour MP for Te Tai Tonga, Mahara Okeroa.

“It is nothing anyone should let their imagination work overtime about,” he said.

The removal of party signage from electorate offices was “standard right across the country”, he said.

Here’s a small task for readers who might be interested – pop along to your local office, take a photo and drop it into the email. I’m interested if this is just a one-off or if Labour has had to take this humiliating step across the country!

EFA Strikes Again – Hard this time

This is funny, but somehow I don’t feel like laughing. It’s a sign of just scared the public should be of their current government and what they are prepared to do to stay in power.

I marched 3 times to support the rights of people and organizations including unions from this sort of restraint. I didn’t see any union organizers there.

The EMA ran the ads a few days before the parliamentary debate on the law change, and they did not mention voting – they encouraged people to lobby the Government and MPs. …

The EMA ran the ads a few days before the parliamentary debate on the law change, and they did not mention voting – they encouraged people to lobby the Government and MPs. The ad (copied from The Standard) is below:

I’m quite sure that at the back of the min of the Electoral Commission is the knowledge that Labour wanted this law to restrain it’s critics, while leaving it’s supporters able to speak. That won’t have changed the result much, just the satisfaction level!

The reality is that Labour know full well which side of the political spectrum is more likely to follow the law. They were counting on the same loose enforcement that got them off their $800,000 scam that they used to win the last election to get their mates off the hook, while using the respect their opponents have for the law to restrain them.

Funny how we’ve had another example of how Labour regards the law just today…

Update: Oops, the EMA is not a union, it’s the Employer’s organisation.

Citizen’s Juries

No Right Turn has a go at National over citizen’s juries.

Last year, when they passed the Electoral Finance Act, the government promised a citizens’ jury to investigate wider issues around electoral administration and political party funding. Now National is opposing that process, [As if they didn’t before! – S1] calling it “part of a grubby deal done between Labour and the Greens over the Electoral Finance Act”. Why am I not surprised?

Now, read that carefully. What does “wider issues around electoral administration and political party funding” mean? Here’s a hint from DPF.

The outcome has been predetermined. Instead of being set up in bipartisan fashion on matters such as the type of electoral system, it has been set up to deliver just one result – increased taxpayer funding of political parties. Labour and the Greens both want that as the outcome, tried to do it through the EFA, and having somewhat failed are now trying to do it again.

DPF continues…

Labour are quite simply corrupt when it comes to electoral law issues, and any process which involves them as Government choosing the expert panel which advises the Citizen’s Jury should be treated as naked self interest. Hell Mike Williams will probably end up as the Chair.

The Greens are little better than Labour in this area. They have absolutely no comitment to a fair process unless it achieves the outcome they want. Look at the Royal Commission on Genetic Engineering? That had it all – independent commissioners, scientific evidence, hearings etc. And the moment it didn’t recommend what the Greens wanted – they attacked it.

Why is I/S not surprised that National oppose a commission setup with the result already pre-determined? I’m not. Labour and the Greens have no right to tinker with electoral law, they’ve already made a compete hash of what they did last time.

Never mind that any properly chosen jury would have a majority of National supporters!

Fisk over the break.


Previous Versions of the EFA

Prof. Hodge made a comment at the last Electoral Finance Act protest.

He mentioned this act: the “Political Disabilities Removal Act”. No guesses who’s “Political Disabilities” it removed.

 2. Power of certain associations to apply funds in furtherance of

 political objects---(1) Subject to the provisions of this section, the

 funds of any society may be applied in the furtherance of political

 objects if the members of the society so decide by a resolution for the

 time being in force, passed on a ballot of the members of the society

 taken in accordance with its rules.   (2) For the purposes of this section, a resolution shall be deemed to

 have been passed on a ballot of the members of the society if a majority

 of the total valid votes recorded at the ballot is in favour thereof.

(3) Any such resolution may be at any time revoked by a subsequent

 resolution passed in the same manner as the firstmentioned resolution

 was passed.

(4) The provisions of this section shall apply to any society

 notwithstanding that there is no provision in its rules authorising the

 use of its funds for the furtherance of political objects.

(5) For the purposes of this section, the term ``society'' means---

   (a) Any society of public servants consisting of not less than 15

         persons, and primarily associated for the purpose of protecting

         or furthering their interests in connection with their

         employment; or

   (b) Any industrial union registered under the [Industrial Relations

         Act 1973]; or

   (c) Any trade union registered under the Trade Unions Act 1908.

     Cf. 1936, No. 23, s. 4; 1948, No. 77, s. 40

In subs. (5) (b) the Industrial Relations Act 1973, being the

     corresponding enactment in force at the date of this reprint, has

     been substituted for the repealed Industrial Conciliation and

     Arbitration Act 1954.

Translation: Unions can give money to political parties.

The first version of this act was put in place in 1936 – the year after the first Labour goverment was put in place. It still stands today.

So Labour has been tilting the law it’s own way for years – it’s just this time it’s gone further than usual.

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