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So that’s what’s wrong!

Well, I can reveal why we have issues with electricity supply. After browsing the internet looking for documents pertaining to earlier actions of this government, I found this.

I have also made it clear to the leaders of the electricity industry that I expect them to be more active in leading an effective response to the prospect of a dry year than they were in 2001.

In that year the industry response was primarily led by me, by means of calling together a working group of industry and consumer leaders to look for ways to increase supply and reduce demand. The critical measure in the end was a government-led electricity savings campaign, though the industry pitched in willingly.

I told the industry in 2001 that an effective response to the supply difficulties of that year was crucial if it wanted the electricity market to survive. That message has been driven home even more firmly this year.

The industry has heard it well.

Isn’t it obvious? If Pete Hodgson (that’s the Dunedin MP who assaulted a protester, not the Dunedin MP who walked into girls changing rooms and assaulted children in his previous job – that would be David Benson-Pope) were in charge now, his magnificent leadership would have averted this crisis.

Bring back Pete!


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