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Labour MIA, Sheehan out to Destroy

Just watching Close Up talking about the Elim Christian school’s memorial service.

WhaleOil notes:

…I would have thought then that he would have the common courtesy to actually turn up for the memorial service of the seven killed in the canyoning disaster held today. Try as I might I just couldn’t see him there.In fact ther[sic] wasn’t even one Labour MP, candidate or lickspittle in attendance, not one. ot Clark (probably because all seven were eeeeevil Christians), not Chris Carter the Education Minister and especially not Brenden Sheehan. In stark contrast two local MP’s were there, Pansy Wong and Judith Collins, the dynamic duo of the South East.

While I don’t approve of WO’s scrapping with Brendon, that behaviour is par for the course on WOBH – but not for a canditate to high office. Given the outright wierd stuff Mr Sheehan has on his blog (like implying that Bob Clarkson did the Nazi salute, when the triumphal signal he gave was more like the signature of Brendon’s beloved unions…), and some of his reported behaviour, one would think that the guy is setting out to deliberately undermine any chance of Labour winning the seat – and not just for this election.

Shunning this ceremony is not going to help in that score either. Even more odd is that he was very keen to be seen there early on. In fact, the words of that post appear very, very hollow.

I have just returned from Elim College where I spent the evening with a shattered principal, parents, students and staff. Unfortunately our worst fears have been realised and at least 4 students and one of their teachers have perished in this disaster.

Update: Mind you, he has a track record of less-than-sane comments. One is left wondering how he became the candidate for such a high-profile race. Oh, silly me – he’s in the union.

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