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Wind, and Lots of It

Heh, now this is a smackdown.

Comments by artist Grahame Sydney on the merits of wind generation (ODT June 5, 2008) confirm the old adage – a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Parts of Central Otago, such as Alexandra, are regularly calm.

However, the places in Otago and Southland where TrustPower is planning to build wind generation are not, and wind-monitoring data gathered over close to two years from sites at Mahinerangi (which is not “Central Otago” anyway) and Kaiwera Downs (near Gore), clearly show that had the planned wind generation at those sites been available in the past year, the South Island would not be facing the supply difficulties it is now.

In fact, for the week ending May 25 quoted by Mr Sydney, the sites would have been producing significantly greater than their projected average annual output of more than 40% of rated capacity, and last week, they would have been producing almost flat out.

Only last week, Mr Sydney was on radio telling us “there is no wind resource in Central Otago.

It is stupid to build wind farms there, and the only reason companies want to do so is corporate greed”.

Excuse me? Corporate greed? How does the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars into something that Mr Sydney believes won’t work equate to corporate greed? Corporate lunacy maybe, if Mr Sydney’s claims about the wind resource 80m above ground level at the proposed sites was correct – which they are not.

Indeed, stating that a company is spending large amounts of money worthlessly is “corporate greed” creates a most definite impression that the person making the statement is rather dim-witted – ironically, the term he should have used instead!

One is left wondering what exactly the company would get out of building useless windfarms, let alone what they are supposed to be taking. The fact is that they would make a very large loss, with gain to absolutely no one except wind turbine makers and they’re doing quite well anyway thank you very much.

Yet another instance of people taking a buzz-word way further than they should!

Who’s Energy Plan?

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