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Eva Longoria finds secret to long lasting marriage – keep it short

Saw this on Yahoo.

Actress Eva Longoria Parker thinks the key to her successful marriage to Tony Parker is the fact they have regular date nights.

Eva Longoria Parker thinks date nights are the key to a successful relationship.

The ‘Desperate Housewives’ star – who married basketball ace Tony Parker in 2007 – admitted fitting each other in around their busy schedules is not difficult as they love being with each other so much that they prioritise their relationship over everything else.

Wow, three years. No Kids. Sorry, that’s a marriage that’s barely out of it’s honeymoon, and she’s trying to tell us her “Secret”.

Are Hollywood marriages really that short? This is Eva Longoria after all – arguably the second hottest woman* in the world. Is she saying that she actually has to make some sort of effort to keep her husband?

I mean, seriously – is it even possible for people who’ve not had children, to have marital problems after a mere 3 years?

I hate to think how long this woman’s marriage is going to last if/when she actually has something in her life to cause serious stress to her marriage.

*After my wife.


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