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David Parker has his say

David Parker (you know the guy, the one who still hasn’t explained why he listed someone as a shareholder when they weren’t) is calling the EB “creepy” for investigating him.

What what caught my attention was this paragraph:

“Fundamentalists, be they Muslim fundamentalists or Christian or Jewish fundamentalists or left-wing extremists or right-wing extremists, they’ve all got something in common and that’s their intolerance of those who disagree with them.”

Here’s the thing: is he criticizing his colleagues, or is this just a slip of the tongue?

I mean, look at what Labour’s done, can you seriously consider them not to be extremists?

Identification of “Exclusive Brethren”

Big News, (who’s coverage of smacking issues has been the best I’ve seen) posts on EB members his father saw breaking the rules, which he lists extensively.

It’s a good list, and worth a read.

But let me quote the part of the post I do have a problem with:

My father told me that he witnessed an exclusive Brethren woman (long hair, scarf) buying a newspaper.

3 words in parenthesis, two of which would describe much of the female population, is not good enough identification with which to smear anyone.

There are plenty of Christians who dress like that, in fact many Muslims do too.

I’ve visited good Churches where most women dress like this. A lot of pious christian women do, even if it’s not something their denomination do. After all, Paul commanded it, so it has apostolic authority.

Politics Continues…

Firstly, check out DPF this morning, he’s doing great guns at the moment. The video he’s linked to is absolutely classic.

Note to self: when next in cabinet, do not ever participate in stupid looking dances.

Also he links to this post, which makes some great points about Nationals behaviour re: rumours.

Exclusive Brethren also get a hammering after interview last night. Now, I don’t agree with the way the EB church is run – it’s terrible. But their views re: HC are not uncommon.

But on the other hand, one of their original members had a great method of raising money that never failed. Perhaps Helen could try it?

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