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Fair Go, Fair Go

Did anyone watch Fair Go last night?

For a program about people getting ripped off and lied to, they have a slight credibility problem.

They took a bunch of dancers (no apparent reason why they did) and had them fill out a life insurance application form, with questions taken from standard forms in the industry.

They then told people that if they’d (for example) had a tummy ache and put “no” in the “digestive issues” section then they were lying and their application could be worthless if they put in a claim.

Wow, so the person they were focusing on must have had a claim denied for a really trivial issue, right?


They showed the form the woman filled in. She’d ticked every “no” box, indicating that she had never, ever had any medical issues. Which simply wasn’t true at all. In fact, she’d had a major mental heath issue. Besides that, she was 40 and clearly had been to the doctor many, many times.

So they got the man from AXA on the program and grilled him. He quite reasonably pointed out who the system works, and it transpired that the company had already settled.

Somewhat ironically, they had an ad for the “econo heater” in their next ad break. While claiming the heater to be some sort of miracle efficient device, it’s simply a wall mounted electric heater with a fancy name. You have to read the website rather carefully to deduce that it would in fact be a waste of money. In other words, the sort of product Fair Go should be exposing, not advertising.

Later, they “made it clear” that they broadcast a false story last year. Woops, no they didn’t. The story was about a photo taken by a New Zealand woman which ended up all over the internet. Their “correction” simply stated that it was taken by the US photographer they mentioned at the time, and that the copyright was his.

Seems like there would be more to that story if that were the case – such as they themselves being scammed.

So Fair Go is being scammed, scamming us with misleading stories, and ignoring scams right under their noses. Could someone remind me what they’re supposed to be doing again?

Cheers Fair Go

Recently I’ve gone off Fair Go. They seemed for some inexplicable reason to have reached the end of their store of people with legitimate grievances, and started on those who just want a free ride.

Actually, they did have one of those last night- a guy who got his phone line piggybacked off his resthome PABX but still wanted a free listing in the white pages even though he didn’t pay Telecom any line rental. That’s called having your cake and eating it too.

However, they did impress me mightily with their anti counterfeiting investigation. They turned up several weaknesses, including an American ISP who was illegally (and it seems, knowingly) turning a blind eye to counterfeit websites on their service.

They also managed to track down and find the names of some of the distributors, and various other elements of the trade.

Several legislative deficiencies were highlighted, let’s hope they’re fixed soon.

Great stuff, keep up the good work guys.

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