Louisa Wall to Christian Schools: We own you, so fall into line.

Bob’s covered this one pretty well. Family First NZ is hugely concerned by comments made by the author of the bill to redefine marriage regarding integrated schools who receive government funding and may disagree with altering the definition of marriage. In comments to a gay website about Northland’s Pompallier Catholic College and comments made by… Continue reading Louisa Wall to Christian Schools: We own you, so fall into line.

Bob McCoskrie Threatened

Putting your home address on an authorisation statement is risky, and it was always intended to be intimidating. We all know the types that do this sort of thing. From Family First’s email: Last Saturday night, four women dressed in black came to our family home in South Auckland and placed almost 1,000 plastic knives… Continue reading Bob McCoskrie Threatened

The Smacking Petition – think we’ll make it?

I dunno, it might be close! From Family First. The organisers originally had a shortfall of 18,027 signatures after the audit of the original 324,216 signatures submitted in April. However, since then, more than 50,000 signatures have been collected. These will be submitted before the deadline of the end of the month.

Cartooning in Kind

From Family First’s weekly email. A few weeks ago, Mike Moreu published what amounts to libel of Family First. So someone wrote Family First an alternative. Just as unfair and untruthful. I wonder if he likes it?

Smacking Still Common, Thanks to Sue Bradford

Smacking, it’s the incredibly unpopular law change that just won’t go away. Almost half of parents with children under 12 have smacked them in the past year, a survey has found. The Family First lobby group commissioned a market research company to poll New Zealanders on their attitudes to parental discipline since the anti-smacking law… Continue reading Smacking Still Common, Thanks to Sue Bradford