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Funerals – Christian and Otherwise

Quote from Not PC

If Christians come knocking at our door at any other time the interfering busybodies are generally sent on their way with a well-deserved flea in their ear, yet for some reason the interfering bastards are given a free ride at funerals — when they take advantage of everyone’s emotional guard being down — with the result that at a time of utter loss and devastation the bereaved don’t get a chance to reflect on their loss in peace, but are assailed instead with bullshit, bromides and superstitious fictions.

Hm, let me put a different spin on this.

I’ve been to three types of funerals.

1. Pure atheist funerals.

These are horrible affairs. Despair is so thick you could cut it with a knife. There’s no comfort in anything.

2. Funerals of non-Christians conducted in churches

These vary. You take an atheist, or someone who is nominally a Christian but never had a personal faith, and the minister stands up the front and speaks a load of bull. I’ve even heard some years back a man described as a “man of faith” who hated God almost as much as Not PC. (That vicar made the mistake of coming to our house a few days later, where he was instructed on several points including that one!)

For these, I agree with Not PC in his post – he’s dead, there’s nothing good. However, some people insist on ignoring the bible and go around telling people that the person is “in a better place”. They’re not, they’re in hell.

I’d like very much if so-called ministers of the faith would stop this nonsense, because it’s undermining real Christianity. So I agree with PC – please stop the superstitious fictions. But I disagree with him in who’s brining them to the table. My observation is that many families approach the church rather than the church pushing their way in.

I wish they’d stop.

3. Funerals of Christians

I’ve attended many funerals of people who died with an active faith in Jesus Christ as their saviour. Crying is a rarity at these – there is often a brief moment, it just doesn’t dominate.

These funerals are celebrations! They’re not celebrations because the church has pushed in, they’re celebrations because the family and friends want to celebrate! They want to remember the happiness that that person bought to their lives, they want to remember how good God is to them by having met that person, being enriched by them. They know for a fact that they will meet that person.

The funerals of the 7 were largly of the last. It’s actually offensive to suggest the church pushed it’s way into the situation, the children went to a christian school for pete’s sake. They were (so far as I know) people of faith, who believed wholeheartedly in their God.

So while I agree with PC’s points with qualifications, if he’s suggesting that people should be saying otherwise at the 7 funerals just past, he’s flipped out because he’s essentially saying that people are not entitled to their own beliefs.


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