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Bush in Africa

Pictures here.

One thing I like about Bush, he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. Even when he was president he would spend time out on his ranch, clearing brush.

He looks to be really enjoying himself, and frankly looks a lot younger without the cares of the world on his shoulders.



Saturday Night Video Humour – Steven Crowder

Love this guy.

Scary thing is, this is exactly how Michael Moore works.

And finally, George W. Bush.

And some balance – yea, he wasn’t the greatest speaker in the world.

Neither is Obama when the teleprompter is off.

“I’d go back and kill bush”

Little Green Footballs has video of Cindy Sheehan stating that she’d like to go back in time and kill George W. Bush as a baby to stop stop what he’s done today.



They’ve now coined a new term for the “damed if it’s up, damed if it’s down” attitude of the press toward Bush and oil prices.

Gas Derangement Syndrome.

Frankly, it’s beyond stupid what the media have done with this. Fact is, Bush isn’t responsible for prices going up or down. But facts just fly out the window when reporters go anywhere near Bush these days.

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