Your Quick Guide to Zimmerman Trial, Part 1.

Update: Part 2 is now up, covering the defence case and summing up. I thought this quick summary would be helpful to people, to understand just how badly the prosecution of George Zimmerman failed. This is a summary of the Legal Insurrection accounts, with links to each day’s footage. I often say, do not trust… Continue reading Your Quick Guide to Zimmerman Trial, Part 1.

Zimmerman Review 1

JOHN ALTHOUSE COHEN ON FACEBOOK: “Prediction: the Zimmerman verdict will lead to amendments to penal codes across the country to make it easier for prosecutors to win convictions, causing even more blacks to be incarcerated.” It’s almost inconceivable just how bad the trial coverage was. I even had someone last night who honestly was not… Continue reading Zimmerman Review 1

Zimmerman NOT GUILTY

Legal Insurrection reports in the last few minutes that the jury has come back with a “not guilty” verdict. Given the evidence, this is by far and away the only verdict that could be described as justice. Regrettably, most people (including one commenter who keeps returning) have no idea just how bad the case against him… Continue reading Zimmerman NOT GUILTY

Zimmerman Trial – the state sums up their non-case

See also this fisk of one of an anti Zimmerman column. Update: Also, this post explains how it just doesn’t stack up that Zimmerman hunted down Martin. If Martin wanted to get home, he’s have done so easily. Over at Legal Insurrection, there’s a summary of the state’s closing statements. You’d think they would have taken great… Continue reading Zimmerman Trial – the state sums up their non-case

Trayvon Martin lent his phone to a very violent person

Well, either that or he was a violent person. The forensic expert testified that he recovered multiple conversations between Trayvon Martin and specific family members and friends discussing multi-round street fights and schoolyard fights in which Trayvon Martin had participated. Martin’s half-brother, Demetrius Martin, even asked Trayvon when he would teach him how to fight.… Continue reading Trayvon Martin lent his phone to a very violent person

Zimmerman – “thank goodness someone caught that on video”

I missed this earlier. I really should spend more time reading PJ Media! In one particularly brilliant line of questioning, O’Mara asked if there was anything in Zimmerman’s words that would suggest an uncaring attitude. Serino replied: “No.” O’Mara asked if Zimmerman, during his first interview with Serino at 12:05 a.m. on February 27, 2012,… Continue reading Zimmerman – “thank goodness someone caught that on video”

Zimmerman should have been acquitted already

Legal Insurrection has a post outlining why the judge should have granted Zimmerman’s lawyers their request for the case to be dismissed. O’Mara began by noting the legal standards that exist in Florida for determining whether a judgment of acquittal should be approved or denied. The first issue is to distinguish between direct and indirect… Continue reading Zimmerman should have been acquitted already

Zimmerman Trial Continues

PJ Media has a good summary of the Zimmerman trial so far. Normally, prosecutors are careful to fully question each prosecution witness to obtain all of the evidence their testimony can produce. They do this so that the defense is not able to reveal previously undisclosed evidence, which tends to suggest prosecutorial concealment. But during… Continue reading Zimmerman Trial Continues

Zimmerman Trial Day 4

Well, today is no better. Highlights: It has become common knowledge that Jeantel has perpetrated a number of lies on this case, both under oath and otherwise, and West made certain to touch on each of these, albeit with a relatively light hand. She lied about her age–she was 18-years-old not 16-years-old at the time,… Continue reading Zimmerman Trial Day 4

Zimmerman Trial Day 3

Just reading the day 3 report now. Check this out for a credible witness: More objectively, however, was testimony by Sudyka that was clearly contrary to facts known and accepted by everyone else involved in the case. On at least three separate occasions Sudyka referred to the “three shots” fired by Zimmerman–”pop, pop, pop”. No… Continue reading Zimmerman Trial Day 3