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Drugs are Bad For You

The Hairy Armpit has noticed me. Joy.

I’ve been away for a few weeks and have come back to have a look around at what is going on in the blowjob blogosphere. It seems I’ve upset a few people which I feel pretty happy about because they are either stupid gossip mongering tarts, ignorant losers or gutter pond scum that usually settles at the bottom of the sewer pipes.

I’m offended, I mean really offended.

I’m not a gossip mongering tart. I really feel that this blog is more of an “ignorant loser” blog or even better “gutter pond scum” from where this very sad twisted existence stands. (Which is somewhere 10 miles past Stalin on the “Libertarian – Authoritarian” spectrum.)

But the joy continues.

I have come to the conclusion that the f**kwits who dominate the internet are online 24/7, they probably carry a laptop everywhere they go with the internet connection plug permanantly stuffed up their fat arses.

Clearly not someone thinking rationally. Clearly from the postings on this blog I have actually been on the internet very little in the past few days, and I never carry a laptop.

One can only assume that she has experimented with the internet connection thing herself – I can’t comment having never used mobile internet. Sounds uncomfortable, that might explain a thing or two though, but I can’t help but feel that there might be easier ways to improve signal.


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