Modern Resurrection! The Debt Monster Lives!

Wow. Wow. There has been an actual resurrection – in modern times. Not overseas either – right here in New Zealand! Students at tertiary campuses throughout New Zealand have held protests to mark a milestone of student debt. On Thursday morning debt calculators on student websites clicked over to $10 billion, according to official figures… Continue reading Modern Resurrection! The Debt Monster Lives!

Time of Death…

Murray beats me to it. Time of death for Clark the future fomer second woman PM of New Zealand… the instant she started talking about deporting the editor of the countries most left leaning paper by saying: “No one’s talking about deporting the editor of the New Zealand Herald for goodness sake.” You.just.did. Thnxby. Funny… Continue reading Time of Death…

Helen Through the Years

Hat Tip: WhaleOil. One of the more obscure reasons I have a blog is so I have a place where I can put stuff like this for future reference. Ah, the good old days. When Labour was on the right, and Helen still had reason to think she’d become New Zealand’s first woman PM.

Clark Ambushed By Herald at Business School Opening

Boy, this video is something. Can we get this onto youtube? Update: Amost as good, I was able to pull screenshots. The clip shows quite clearly that while the other guests were doing this…. Our PM was doing this. Looks like she might even have bought it along specially!

PM gives “Strong Hint” that law will not be broken

I heard the PM talk on Morning Report this morning, and I’d have to say that “strong hint” is an apt description given the biases of that station. More truthfully, she failed to promise to not steal again. But remember, this is the woman who said banning smacking would be “against human nature” only to… Continue reading PM gives “Strong Hint” that law will not be broken

News Snippits

1) Nice to see Mike King in full fledged “Attack Labour” mode on the news tonight. 🙂 For those who didn’t see, Mike laid out a very clear opinion that the arrests were caused by Labour trying to get ahead in the polls by Maori bashing. 2) National Radio reported this morning that Bainimarama was… Continue reading News Snippits