Richard Long makes some good points: But now that the Muldoon comparison has been made – and Mr Moore has been flayed for daring to make it – there are other aspects of the dying days of the Muldoon era which have some relevance to Labour’s predicament today. By 1984 the electorate had turned off… Continue reading Untitled

Air NZ in trouble after “Please Explain” to Clark – TVNZ

TVNZ has a story on their site about the Air NZ issues today. However, this isn’t what made it onto the news tonight. Air New Zealand is upset Clark revealed the Honiara-bound flight, complaining it breached an agreement to keep commercial information secret. But a spokesman for Clark says Air New Zealand never spoke directly… Continue reading Air NZ in trouble after “Please Explain” to Clark – TVNZ

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

The great and glorious dear leader of our nation, the most magnificent and gracious the world has ever known (aside from the small matter of tossing aside various aspects of government critical to free and democratic society) who graces our country with her benevolent presence, (casting her shadow on all that is great and good,… Continue reading Hear Ye, Hear Ye

I am not surprised

Is someone actually seriously suggesting there is meaning in this government? There’s zero integrity – no standard of behaviour means anything. We’ve had bribery, assault, misleading the house, prima facie criminal cases made… none of which have led to the expulsion of ministers from cabinet in recent years.) We’ve had complete backflips on so many… Continue reading I am not surprised