Helen On the Way Out – Officially!

The best news today is best summed up by DPF: I generally don’t comment on every single poll on the blog, preferring to do monthly commentary in my newsletter, but tonight’s One News Colmar Brunton can’t be ignored. The last time any party made 56% or higher in a Colmar Brunton poll was in September… Continue reading Helen On the Way Out – Officially!

Spying on Idiots

The biggest story of the day is of course the “spy” employed by a security company working for Solid Energy. Firstly, the company who hired this kid are idiots. He was not “acting” as an enthusiastic member – he was one already! What were they thinking?!? Look. If you’re going to get a good spy,… Continue reading Spying on Idiots

The EB Conspiracy Widens…

It seems that the conspiracy started by the Exclusive Brethren is much wider than first thought. Yes, another party met with the “chinless scarf wearers”. You’ll never guess who… HT Whaleoil.

Clark Hates Bush

I dunno what anyone else thinks, but when *the*  image of a visit of one head of state to another has the visitor looking likes he/she wants to kill the host, that’s not good for relations, no? Of course, Bush was being a nice guy: President Bush described Miss Clark as “a straightforward, honest woman”… Continue reading Clark Hates Bush

Smacking and the Green/Labour Relationship

Rather a lot of people have bought into the theory that Helen the Great is supporting the unleashing of CYFS on families because she now needs Green votes. Bollocks. This government has put through bill after bill to change the social fabric of this country. Civil Unions is clearly the big one, but remember prostitution… Continue reading Smacking and the Green/Labour Relationship

Helen Clark – No Respect for… Anything

As you all no doubt know by now Helen Clark, our Prime Minister, walked out on the valedictory speech of Dr Don Brash. So did Winston. Adolf puts his view well: … this grossest example of uncouth bad manners, flouting of convention, petulance and arrogance I can ever remember. It certainly is very bad manners.… Continue reading Helen Clark – No Respect for… Anything