John Key’s Strategy Should Be Familiar to Helen

Remember how, after Labour destroyed the Alliance, leaving nothing much to their left, their policy started to swing right in key areas? This is much of what lead to the decimation of National. Well Helen, now that Act’s gone, Key is coming after you. Where are Labour voters going to go when they’re offered a… Continue reading John Key’s Strategy Should Be Familiar to Helen

Succession Planning

This post which I thought up this morning before I got up has happily been provided with an illustration. See here.   See, in thinking about how Helen is explicitly suppressing the opposition, I thought about the other country where this has become a problem, Zimbabwe. And I realised that there is one thing that… Continue reading Succession Planning

The Decision on that “Darth Vader” Pic

FYI, we are result 13 on google for “helen clark darth vader” – scary eh!! I’ve been thinking about Brash ordering the young nats to take down the picture of Helen as Darth Vader. I don’t like it. Sure, it should not have happened. But let’s face it, it was there a long time before… Continue reading The Decision on that “Darth Vader” Pic

Wikipedia on Labour

Wikipedia articles on Clark and Cullen are terrible, they read like they’re written by the party, with just enough given to keep them within acceptable wikipedia practice. Cullen’s looks like it’s about 5 years old when people thought he’s be ok for business, and makes no reference at all to give tax cuts. Clark’s has… Continue reading Wikipedia on Labour

Finally Found It

Finally found the quote I was looking for last week. Contrast this with our current government: George Washington, who took pride in his self-control, lost his temper completely when someone told him that a decision he was going to make could cost him re-election as President. He blew up at the suggestion that he wanted… Continue reading Finally Found It

The Investigate Non-Story

I purchased Investigate yesterday. I’ve never done that before – although people have thought I subscribed owing to my being so well informed through reading blogs 😛 The Peter David thing – here’s the thing. It’s not a non-story. It’s a non. There’s a paragraph at the end of the editorial. It says nothing. In… Continue reading The Investigate Non-Story