Herald joins mean-spirited media

Huh. Looking at the Herald’s “World” section for McCain’s speech I was greeted with the headline “Glow from Palin’s speech will fade“. Talk about mean-spirited. Even more obviously biased when the same writer has a story entitled “Obama’s day of destiny arrives” Couldn’t be clearer really. Talk down the right, talk up the left. Hm,… Continue reading Herald joins mean-spirited media

Smacking – They Just Don’t Get It (Post 9235)

Sue Bradford is caught out in yet another lie. Last year (just before the law came into force), we asked ALL respondents (grandparents, parents, people not married, even people without kids!) whether they would ignore the law if they felt it appropriate. Not “had they” but “would they”. 78% said they would. This year we… Continue reading Smacking – They Just Don’t Get It (Post 9235)

Make sure you get a picture of the egg

I mean,  do  the media keep photos of  eggs, rotten vegetables and cream pies on file for times such as this? “Yea, we’ve got a picture of Bill Gates, but can you get a sound bite from the pie?” 😀